Wiring the Six Terminals of RTD Temperature Sensor WZP2-221

Wiring the Six Terminals of RTD Temperature Sensor WZP2-221

The thermal resistance RTD WZP2-221 is a temperature sensor designed for industrial users. It has dual temperature sensing elements with high temperature measurement accuracy. Usually used in conjunction with temperature transmitters, regulators, and thermometers to form a process control system.

platinum resistor temperature sensor WZP2-221

When using WZP2-221 RTD thermal resistance, it is necessary to pay attention to the wiring. If the wiring is incorrect, it will affect the measurement of the thermal resistance. If you do not have an operation manual for reference, Yoyik recommends the following wiring methods:


1. Use a multimeter to measure the short circuit/resistance range. First, select independent wires (such as 1/4, and then 2, 3, 5, and 6 are shorted together).

2. On site end: Connect with a three core wire, such as red for 1/4, and use two other colors for the other two pairs. (The color can be agreed upon by oneself)

3. The safety barrier end should be connected according to the on-site situation, as long as the corresponding channels at the inlet and outlet are consistent.

4. Main control terminal: 1/4 connected to i+, and the other two groups can be connected to the other two terminals at will. The ‘c’ in IC should mean ‘compensate’.

platinum resistor temperature sensor WZP2-221
Yoyik offers various kinds of spare parts for power plants, such as:
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