AST solenoid valve Z2805013

Short Description:

The AST solenoid valve Z2805013 belongs to the ETS actuator and is installed on the integrated block. It is mainly used to execute signals sent by superiors and receive tasks. Control the direction of hydraulic flow, solenoid valve Z2805013 is used for the emergency trip control block of the ETS system in the power plant. ETS is a protective device for the emergency trip system of the steam turbine, which receives alarm or shutdown signals from the TSI system or other systems of the steam turbine generator set, performs logical processing, and outputs indicator light alarm signals or steam turbine trip signals.

Product Detail

Working principle

Working principle of AST solenoid valve Z2805013: There is a closed chamber inside the hydraulic solenoid valve, with through holes opened at different positions. Each hole is connected to a different oil pipe, and hydraulic oil enters a different drain pipe. Then the piston of the oil cylinder will be pushed by the pressure of the oil, and the piston will drive the piston rod. The piston rod will drive the mechanical device, thereby controlling the mechanical movement by controlling the current of the electromagnet.

Technical Parameter

1. Diameter size: usually 1/2 inch.

2. Material: the valve body is generally made of stainless steel or brass, and the seals are generally made of fluororubber or EPDM rubber.

3. Working pressure: Usually able to withstand working pressure of 0-10 bar (0-145 psi).

4. Applicable medium: Commonly used to control gases or liquids, such as water, oil, gas, etc.

5. Voltage: 110VAC.

6. Pressure: 3000psi.


The AST solenoid valve Z2805013 can be applied in fields such as automation control, flow control, and pressure control. When using, it is necessary to select appropriate parameters such as power supply, interface type, and control method based on specific application requirements. At the same time, regular maintenance and inspection of the working status of the solenoid valve is also the key to ensuring its long-term stable operation.

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