Turbine filter element: accuracy, classification, replacement and cleaning.

Turbine filter element: accuracy, classification, replacement and cleaning.

Turbine filter element accuracy

The accuracy of the turbine filter element is a very important parameter, because it determines how small particles the filter element can filter. Generally speaking, the accuracy of turbine filter element is μ Expressed in m (microns), for example, 1 μ M filter element can filter particles of 1 micron size. The accuracy of the steam turbine filter element generally needs to be selected according to the specific use environment and requirements. Too high accuracy may lead to excessive resistance and shortened service life, while too low accuracy will not meet the filtering requirements and affect the normal operation of the equipment.

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Classification of turbine filter element

Turbine filter element usually includes the following types:
Oil filter element: used to filter impurities in lubricating oil and protect bearings and other mechanical parts.
Air filter element: used to filter dust, sand and other impurities in the air to prevent impurities from entering the combustion chamber and affecting combustion efficiency.
Water filter element: used to filter impurities in circulating water and protect lubrication system and cooling system.
Fuel filter element: used to filter impurities and moisture in fuel, ensure the purity and calorific value of fuel, and improve combustion efficiency and power generation efficiency.
The specifications, materials and accuracy of different types of steam turbine filter elements are different. The selection of filter elements should be based on the specific use and needs.

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Turbine filter element replacement

The turbine filter element is an important part to ensure the normal operation of the turbine, and needs to be replaced according to a certain period. It is generally recommended to determine the replacement cycle according to the manufacturer’s manual, which is usually each maintenance cycle or 3000 hours of operation time.
The following are the steps to replace the turbine filter element:
Close the inlet and outlet valves and reduce the system pressure to zero.
Remove the filter element with the special tool.
Thoroughly clean the filter element seat with detergent and water, and check whether the filter element seat is damaged or deformed.
Insert the new filter element into the filter element holder and ensure that it is well sealed.
After ensuring that the filter element has been installed correctly, close the maintenance panel and start the system, and observe the working status of the filter element.
However, there are a few things that need special attention when replacing the filter element. When replacing the filter element, ensure that the system is in a shutdown state to avoid accidents; Prepare necessary tools and consumables before replacing the filter element; Replace the filter element in strict accordance with the requirements of the user manual to avoid incorrect operation; After replacing the filter element, the system pressure test and leak point inspection shall be carried out to ensure the normal operation of the system.
Generally speaking, steam turbine filter elements cannot be cleaned because their accuracy and filtering effect are very important. After cleaning, it is easy to damage the fiber structure of the filter element, affecting its service life and filtering effect. If the filter element is blocked, replace the filter element. Before replacement, close the relevant valves and pipelines, remove the old filter element, install the new filter element in the same way, and open the valves and pipelines to ensure that there is no oil leakage. When replacing the filter element, select the appropriate filter element according to the model and parameters of the turbine.

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