Bellows relief valve BXF-40

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The bellows relief valve BXF-40, also known as a pressure reducing valve or differential pressure valve, is composed of a valve body, valve cover, valve seat, valve stem, diaphragm, diaphragm pressure plate, spring, etc. The working medium temperature is 0 to 90 ℃, and the working pressure difference is between 1.0 to 2.5MPA. The main material is cast steel, with flange connection.
Brand: YOYIK

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Working principle

The bellows relief valve BXF-40 is an automatic pressure relief protection device that is opened by static pressure at the inlet. This means adding a corrugated pipe between the valve disc bracket and the guide bearing to balance the back pressure area on the valve disc. It is one of the important safety accessories for pressure vessels. When the pressure inside the container exceeds a certain value, the valve is automatically opened by the pressure of the medium itself, and a certain amount of medium is quickly discharged. When the pressure inside the container drops to the allowable value, the valve automatically closes again, keeping the pressure inside the container below the allowable upper limit, automatically preventing accidents that may be caused by overpressure.

The bellows relief valve BXF-40 can accurately maintain a constant safe and stable pressure. Once the pressure is exceeded, the pressure reducing valve can be fully opened to release the pressure in a timely manner. It cans adjustable closing speed to eliminate pressure fluctuations. The diaphragm transmission mechanism minimizes the problem of operational lag to the greatest extent possible. It can be installed in any position and can be repaired and inspected without changing the set pressure value or removing it from the pipeline.


The bellows relief valve BXF-40 is commonly used in equipment or pipelines with unstable back pressure, toxic or corrosive media, to provide overpressure protection. Bellows can eliminate the impact of back pressure fluctuations on valve performance and protect internal components such as springs from medium corrosion. And can effectively prevent medium leakage. As an overpressure protection device, it plays a safety protection role in the system.

Product Features

1. The valve seat and valve body of bellows relief valve BXF-40 are easy to maintain and economical;

2. The bellows relief valve BXF-40 has good sealing performance and long service life;

3. The corrugated pipe of the bellows relief valve BXF-40 can protect the spring and other internal components from medium corrosion.

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