Speed Sensor SZCB-02-B117: High Precision & Reliability Speed Measurement

Speed Sensor SZCB-02-B117: High Precision & Reliability Speed Measurement

SZCB-02-B117 magnetoresistive speed sensor uses advanced electromagnetic induction principles to provide an innovative solution for high-precision and high-reliability speed measurement. It not only has the characteristics of large output signal and good anti-interference performance, but also does not require an external power supply and can work normally in harsh environments such as smoke, oil, gas, and water vapor. These are important factors that make it popular in industrial applications.

Speed Sensor SZCB-02-B117

The working principle of the SZCB-02-B117 magnetoresistive speed sensor is based on electromagnetic induction. When a conductor moves in a magnetic field, an electromotive force is generated in the conductor. This phenomenon is electromagnetic induction. The SZCB-02-B117 sensor uses this principle to determine the rotational speed by detecting the movement of the conductors on the rotor. Compared with traditional mechanical speed sensors, this method has the advantages of high measurement accuracy and fast response speed.


A distinctive feature of this sensor is its large output signal. This means it can provide a more powerful signal output, ensuring that signals can still be accurately received and processed over long distances or in noisy environments. This is particularly important in the environment of industrial sites, because in practical applications, signals may be subject to various interferences, such as electromagnetic interference, mechanical vibration, etc.

Speed Sensor SZCB-02-B117

Another important feature is the anti-interference performance of the SZCB-02-B117 magnetoresistive speed sensor. In complex industrial environments, various electromagnetic waves and mechanical vibrations may affect the output signal of the sensor. The sensor effectively improves the stability and accuracy of the signal by adopting special anti-interference technology.


In addition, the SZCB-02-B117 sensor does not require an external power supply, which is of great significance for improving system reliability and ease of installation. It can be used in a variety of environments, including those with special requirements for power supply.


Finally, the SZCB-02-B117 magnetoresistive speed sensor performs particularly well in harsh environments. Harsh environments such as smoke, oil vapor, and water vapor often affect the normal operation of the sensor, but the sensor is designed to maintain stable performance in these environments, thus ensuring that industrial equipment can operate accurately under various conditions.


To sum up, the SZCB-02-B117 magnetoresistive speed sensor has become an important tool for speed measurement in the industrial field due to its high accuracy, high reliability, strong anti-interference performance, no need for external power supply and excellent performance in harsh environments. Its application not only improves the efficiency and safety of industrial production, but also provides technical support for the intelligence and automation of equipment.


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