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The honeycomb filter SS-C10S25 is made by winding a single wire back and forth on the support bone using a fiber harness. Because of the structural characteristics of this filter element, it has the characteristics of ideal filtration gradient, inner dense and outer sparse. The space formed by the winding of the wire can accommodate more pollutants, and the filter cartridge has a long lifespan. The material in the wire filter is single without adhesive, ensuring chemical adaptability. At present, line filtration is widely used in the pre filtration of liquids. The high-precision degreased cotton thread filter element is very effective in gas-liquid separation of air.
Brand: YOYIK

Product Detail


The honeycomb filter SS-C05S50N is a deep filtration element with excellent sealing performance. It is made of textile fibers tightly wrapped on a porous framework according to a specific process, forming a honeycomb structure with sparse outer and dense inner. It has excellent filtration characteristics and can effectively remove impurities such as suspended solids, rust, and particles in the fluid. The honeycomb type wire wound filter element is a replacement product produced based on current international advanced technology, which addresses the shortcomings of high resistance and short service life of previous wire wound filter elements. The winding filter element produced by our company adopts advanced winding technology, which extends its service life by about twice. This reduces the number of core changes and reduces usage costs.

Product Features

1. The honeycomb filter SS-C05S50N can effectively remove suspended solids, particles, etc. in the liquid.

2. The filtering aperture of this filter element is large on the outside and small on the inside, which has excellent deep filtration effect.

3. The filter element has a high slag loading capacity.

4. The filter element can be made of various materials and can meet the needs of various liquid filtrations.

5. This filter element can withstand high filtration pressure.

6. The filter element has good compatibility.


Length 250+2mm 500+2mm 750+2mm 800+2mm 1000+2mm optional
Outer diameter φ 63-2mm
Inner diameter φ 29+1mm
Pressure resistance 0.5Mpa, temperature resistance 60 ° C (polypropylene skeleton)
Filter material polyacrylonitrile fiber (acrylic fiber)
Skeleton material polypropylene/metal

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