Motor slip ring carbon brush J204 series

Short Description:

J204 series carbon brushes are mainly used for high current DC motors with voltage below 40V, automobile and tractor starters, and asynchronous motor Slip ring. The main function is to conduct electricity while rubbing against metals, as carbon and metals are different elements. The application scenarios are mostly on electric motors, with various shapes such as square and circle.

Product Detail

Motor slip ring carbon brush J204 series is a device that transfers energy or signals between the fixed and rotating parts of an electric motor, generator, or other rotating machinery. It is generally made of pure carbon with a coagulant, and its appearance is usually a block, stuck on a metal bracket, with a spring inside to tightly press it onto the shaft. The appearance of the carbon brush is a bit like a pencil eraser, with a wire leading out at the top. The volume varies from large to small. Carbon brushes, as a sliding contact, are widely used in many electrical equipment. The main product materials include electrochemical graphite, impregnated graphite, and metallic (including copper and silver) graphite.

Technical parameters

model Resistivity(μΩ·m) Rockwell hardness(HRsteel ball 10mm bulk density(g/cm3 ) Short circuit commutator test recommended operating conditions
Basic value Load(N) Contact voltage drop of a pair of brushes)V) 50hwear and tear ≤mm frictional coefficient≤ current density(
A/ cm2)
Permissible circumferential speed(m/s) Unit pressure used(Pa)
J204 0.6 95 588 4.04 1.1 0.30 0.20 15 20 19600-24500

Common specifications: J204 32 * 12 * 12 mm, J204 60 * 30 * 25, J204 20 * 32 * 50mm. If you need any other specifications, please contact us directly.


If the carbon brush is worn to a certain extent, it should be replaced with a new one. All carbon brushes should be replaced at once; otherwise there may be uneven current distribution. For large units, we usually recommend customers to replace 20% of the carbon brushes on each brush rod of each motor every time, with an interval of 1-2 weeks. Gradually replace the remaining carbon brushes after running in to ensure the normal and continuous operation of the unit.

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