Sealant 730-C: Excellent sealing solution for generator end caps

Sealant 730-C: Excellent sealing solution for generator end caps

In thermal power plants, the sealing of the end caps and outlet covers of hydrogen cooled steam turbine generators is crucial, and the sealing effect of these parts directly affects the safe operation and efficiency of power generation equipment. Slot Sealant 730-C, as a sealing material specifically designed for these occasions, has become a leader in the industry due to its unique advantages.

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Application advantages

1. High purity: The Slot Sealant 730-C strictly controls the impurity content during the production process to ensure that the product is free of dust, metal particles, and other impurities, thereby ensuring its excellent sealing performance.

2. Single component resin: 730-C sealant belongs to single component resin, which is easy to use and can be cured with only one component, without the need to mix other substances, greatly simplifying the construction process.

3. Wide applicability: Currently, various scales of steam turbine generator units in China, including 1000MW units, 600MW units, 300MW units, etc., all use 730-C sealant, demonstrating its wide applicability.

4. Good sealing performance: After filling the sealing groove of the joint surface with 730-C sealant, with the assistance of evenly tightening bolts and injection tools, it can effectively seal the generator end cover and other parts, prevent hydrogen leakage, and ensure the safe operation of the power generation equipment.

5. Excellent environmental resistance: Slot Sealant 730-C can be stored stably for a long time in a clean, dry, and well ventilated environment. At the same time, it has good sun protection, rain resistance, heat resistance, and pressure resistance, and is not easily affected by the external environment.

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Application scenarios

Slot Sealant 730-C is mainly used for groove sealing of end caps, outlet covers, and other components of hydrogen cooled steam turbine generators in thermal power plants. In these application scenarios, the high purity, excellent sealing performance, and environmental resistance of 730-C sealant make it an ideal sealing solution.

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In summary, Slot Sealant 730-C plays an important role in sealing the end caps of hydrogen cooled steam turbine generators in thermal power plants due to its advantages of high purity, single component resin, wide applicability, good sealing performance, and excellent environmental resistance. With the continuous development of China’s power industry, the market demand for 730-C sealant is expected to further expand, providing strong guarantees for the reliable operation of power equipment.

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  • Post time: Jan-17-2024