PET fiberglass tape 0.1*25: Excellent electrical insulation and multifunctional application advantages

PET fiberglass tape 0.1*25: Excellent electrical insulation and multifunctional application advantages

In the field of electrical insulation materials, PET fiberglass tape 0.1*25 is increasingly receiving attention and favor from the industry due to its unique performance and wide application prospects. This article will provide a detailed analysis of the advantages of this product and its applications in different fields.

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Product advantages

1. Excellent electrical insulation performance: PET fiberglass tape 0.1*25 is woven from alkali free glass fibers, with excellent electrical insulation performance, which can effectively prevent current leakage and ensure the safe operation of electrical equipment.

2. High temperature resistance: In high-temperature environments, the PET fiberglass tape with a size of 0.1*25 can still maintain stable performance and is not prone to aging, providing reliable protection for high-temperature operations.

3. Corrosion resistance: Faced with the erosion of chemical substances such as acid, alkali, and salt, the PET fiberglass tape 0.1*25 shows good corrosion resistance, effectively improving its service life in harsh environments.

4. High tensile strength: PET fiberglass tape 0.1*25 has high tensile strength, is not easy to break, and can withstand large tensile forces, ensuring its stability during use.

5. Low moisture absorption: The PET fiberglass tape 0.1*25 has low moisture absorption and is not easily affected by moisture, ensuring its insulation performance in humid environments.

6. Excellent resin impregnation performance: PET fiberglass tape 0.1*25 is easy to impregnate with resin, which is beneficial for improving its application performance in composite materials.

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Application area

1. Flame retardant cable wrapping: PET fiberglass tape 0.1*25 is used as the wrapping material for flame retardant cables, which can not only improve the insulation performance of the cable, but also effectively prevent the spread of fire and ensure the safe operation of the cable in the event of a fire.

2. Binding of motor and electrical coils: In the binding of various motor and electrical coils, PET fiberglass tape is an ideal choice due to its good insulation performance and temperature resistance.

3. Composite material manufacturing: PET fiberglass tape has broad application prospects in the field of composite material manufacturing, which can improve the insulation, heat resistance, and corrosion resistance of composite materials.

4. Aerospace: The application of PET fiberglass tape in the aerospace field cannot be ignored, and its excellent performance provides reliable protection for the electrical system of aerospace vehicles.

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In summary, PET fiberglass tape 0.1*25 has multiple advantages such as excellent electrical insulation performance, high temperature resistance, corrosion resistance, high tensile strength, low moisture absorption, and excellent resin impregnation performance. It has a wide range of application prospects in flame-retardant cables, motor appliances, composite material manufacturing, aerospace and other fields. With the continuous development of China’s electrical insulation material market, the market demand for PET fiberglass tape 0.1*25 is expected to further expand, injecting new vitality into China’s electrical insulation industry.

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  • Post time: Jan-17-2024