Generator slot Sealant 730-C

Short Description:

The generator slot sealant 730-C (also called groove sealant) is used for grooved seals such as the end cover and outlet cover of hydrogen cooled steam turbine generator in Fossil fuel power station. The sealant does not contain dust, metal particles and other impurities, and is a single component resin. At present, domestic steam turbine generator units, including 1000MW units, 600MW units, 300MW units, etc., all use this type of sealant.
Brand: YOYIK

Product Detail


1. First, use tools to clean the joint surface, remove rust and burrs, and ensure that the joint surface is dry and clean.

2. Before installing the end cover, outlet cover, etc., fill the sealing groove of the joint surface with generator slot sealant 730-C, then close the outer end cover of the generator, and evenly tighten the bolts.

3. Use a glue injection tool to inject generator slot sealant 730-C into the sealing groove (glue injection method: select a glue injection hole and slowly inject it, flow out from adjacent holes. Inject in sequence until all are filled) to prevent glue leakage.

4. If hydrogen gas leakage is found during the operation of the motor, a sealant injection tool can be used to expose and fill the groove sealant 730 until the sealing is restored.

Precautions for storage

1. Generator slot sealant 730-C is best used within 1 year after opening. During the validity period of the sealant, during motor maintenance and disassembly, the sealant does not need to be replaced and needs to be covered to prevent impurities from mixing.

2. Generator slot sealant 730-C should be sealed and stored in a dark and dry place, away from ignition sources.


Thermal fluidity unchanged at 80 ℃, diluted, non-flowing
Sealing performance > 0.6 MPa
Service life ≥ 5 years
Packaging 1KG/can

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