Function of Air Breather BR110+EF4-50 (UN1 1/2) in Steam Turbine EH Oil System

Function of Air Breather BR110+EF4-50 (UN1 1/2) in Steam Turbine EH Oil System

The EH oil system is a lubrication system used in steam turbines to provide lubricating oil to critical rotating components, such as bearings and gears, to ensure their normal operation. For the EH oil system oil tank of the steam turbine, the function of the air filter is to filter water and particles from the air entering the tank, in order to maintain the cleanliness and stability of the oil in the tank. Among them, BR110+EF4-50 (UN1 1/2) is a commonly used air filter in power plants, consisting of an air breather BR110 and an air filter element EF4-50.

Air filter BR110 (1)

The BR110 air filter is installed on top of the EH oil tank. When air enters the fuel tank, it is first filtered through the air filter element. The filter element can capture suspended particles and moisture in the air, preventing them from entering the oil tank and mixing with lubricating oil. This helps to reduce impurities and pollutants in the oil, extend the service life of the lubricating oil, and improve the efficiency and reliability of the lubrication system.

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By using BR110+EF4-50 (UN1 1/2) air filters, the EH oil system oil tank can maintain good oil quality, prevent the accumulation and sedimentation of pollutants, and thereby improve the operational efficiency and reliability of the entire steam turbine system.

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