Steam Turbine Excitation System CPU board PCA-6743VE

Short Description:

Steam Turbine Excitation System CPU board PCA-6743VE is used in the GES3320 excitation system. GES3320 is a microcomputer based control system. The automatic voltage regulator consists of two industrial computes employing open ISA bus, and some peripheral equipment, for instance HMI, communication, measuring, and so on.
Brand: YOYIK

Product Detail

Each computer is composed of Steam Turbine Excitation System CPU board PCA-6743VE, A/D converter board, binary I/O board, serial communication board, and pulse forming board.

Based on the two computers, the regulator forms a dual-channel system in the main. That means two same sets of measuring; input, computing, and output are included. The cooperating between the two sets will be descripted in the operation manual

Specification of CPU board PCA-6743VE

·CPU: Embedded ST Microelectronics STPC 133MHz processor (provided fanless operation)
·BIOS: 4 Mbits Flash BIOS
·Chipset: STPC Elite 133
·System memory: Onboard 32MB SDRAM, and one optional SDRAM SODIMM max. 64MB socket
·PCI IDE interface: One Enhanced IDE interface. Supports 2 IDE devices PIO mode 3,4 with bus mastering up to 14MB/sec.
·Floppy disk driver interface: Supports up to two FDDs (360KB/ 1.2MB/ 720KB/ 1.44MB/ 2.88MB)
·Parallel Port: One parallel port, supports EPP/ECP
·IR Port: One 115kbps IrDA compliant serial infrared
·Serial Ports: 2 serial ports COM1: RS232, COM2: RS232/422/485
·Power supply voltage: +5V (4.75V 5.25V)
·Power consumption: Maximum :5V @ 2A, Typical: +5V @ 1.62A
·SSD supports DiskOnChip® 2000

Function of CPU board PCA-6743VE

1. Ultra low power, fanless EVA-X5800 CPU, 512/256MB onboard DDR2 memory

2. CRT+LCD dual video output

3. Integrated floating point computing unit, supporting FDD/PC104

4. Optional module for 4 * RS-485 with automatic data flow control

5. 4 * USB 2.0 interface, 2 * RS-232/422/485 (1 rear I/O)+2 * RS-232, supporting CF card slot

6. Size: 185 × 122mm

CPU board PCA-6743VE Detail Pictures

CPU board PCA-6743VE (4) CPU board PCA-6743VE (3) CPU board PCA-6743VE (2) CPU board PCA-6743VE (1)


The rotational speed monitor MSC-2B can be used with various types of rotation speed sensors, including:

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· Active speed sensor
· Hall speed sensor
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