SL-1250 Generator stator cooling water filter element

short description:

The generator stator cooling water filter element SL-12/50 is installed in stator cooling water system’s filter. The liquid flowing into the filter from the inlet passes through the vertically arranged melt blown filter element, the impurities in the fluid are adsorbed on the surface of the filter element, the clean liquid flows out of the space inside the filter element, and then flows into the system from the outlet of the filter to ensure the cleanliness of the system fluid.

Product Detail

Generator Stator Cooling Water Filter Element

The stator coil cooling water system forms an independent closed self-circulation system. The water pump absorbs water from the water tank, boosts the pressure and sends it to the water cooler for cooling. After filtering out mechanical impurities through the water filter, it enters the generator stator coil, and the water flows back to the water tank for continuous circulation. The system is equipped with two parallel filters, which are arranged at the downstream of the cooler. During normal operation, one is in operation and the other is standby, mainly to prevent solid impurities from blocking the hollow conductor of the stator coil. The effect of water cooling is 50 times that of air cooling. In order to better cool the generator, it is necessary to select a suitable filter element, which not only effectively prevents pollutants, but also has a good cooling effect.


SL-12/50 filter element is suitable for 300MW, 330MW, 350MW generator stator cooling system.


Generally, the unit is equipped with 12 pieces/set, 24 pieces/set, and 36 pieces/set.
According to different unit configuration periods and unit sizes, the size of the water filter element is different.

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