Advantage of The Structure Design of Filter Element AX3E301-03D10V/-W

Advantage of The Structure Design of Filter Element AX3E301-03D10V/-W

The AX3E301-03D10V/-W filter element is designed for the inlet of the EH oil main pump of power plant steam turbines, which plays a crucial role in ensuring the cleanliness of the oil system and maintaining the normal operation of equipment. EH oil, also known as fire-resistant oil, is commonly used as a working fluid in steam turbines as a control system. It requires high cleanliness of the oil, as the quality of the oil directly affects the efficiency and safety of the turbine.

Filter Element AX3E301-03D10V/-W

The structural design of the AX3E301-03D10V/-W filter element is optimized for the EH oil purification application of steam turbines to ensure the cleanliness of the oil system and efficient operation of the equipment. The structural advantages of this AX3E301-03D10V/-W filter include:

Filter Element AX3E301-03D10V/-W

1. Efficient filtering materials can capture small particles and pollutants, keep the oil clean, and reduce the wear of particles in the oil on internal components of the steam turbine.

2. Good pressure resistance: Due to the high pressure that EH oil may experience during circulation in the system, the design of the filter element needs to be able to withstand these pressures, prevent oil leakage, and ensure the safe operation of the system.

3. Temperature resistance: When the steam turbine is running at high temperatures, the filter material needs to be able to withstand temperature changes in the oil, without reducing filtration efficiency or damage due to temperature effects.

4. Easy installation: The filter element adopts a standard connection port design, which matches the inlet and outlet of the EH oil system of the steam turbine, making it easy to install and replace. At the same time, the end cover is equipped with a sealing interface to ensure the sealing of the connection with the equipment and prevent liquid leakage.

5. Material corrosion resistance: EH oil may contain corrosive substances, and the filter element material needs to have good corrosion resistance to extend the service life of the filter element.

Filter Element AX3E301-03D10V/-W

In summary, the structural design of this filter element aims to meet the high standard requirements of the EH oil system of the steam turbine, ensure the cleanliness of the oil, and improve the operational efficiency and safety of the equipment.


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