Piston seals GSF 9500: a reliable choice for high-pressure hydraulic systems

Piston seals GSF 9500: a reliable choice for high-pressure hydraulic systems

The Piston seals GSF 9500 is a bidirectional sealing ring designed specifically for piston sealing in high-pressure and low-pressure systems. It is composed of a filled PTFE sealing ring and an O-ring combination. This type of sealing ring plays a crucial role in hydraulic systems due to its unique structure and efficient and reliable performance.

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The special cross-sectional shape of the Piston seals GSF 9500 generates sealing force by compressing the O-ring at low pressure, while at high pressure; the O-ring is compressed by the system fluid, pushing the sealing ring against the tight surface, thereby increasing the sealing force. This design significantly improves the leakage state, allowing the Piston seals to maintain excellent sealing performance under various working conditions.


In practical applications, Piston seals GSF 9500 is widely used in hydraulic reciprocating motion systems under high pressure, medium pressure, low pressure, as well as heavy load and high frequency working conditions. Piston seals exhibit excellent performance in various strokes, as well as in a wide range of fluid and high-temperature environments. In addition, it can also be used for larger piston clearances, especially suitable for heavy-duty and large-diameter applications.

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There are many advantages to Piston seals GSF 9500. Firstly, it has excellent dynamic and static sealing performance, which can maintain efficient sealing effect under both static and dynamic conditions. Secondly, it allows for larger extrusion gaps, making it safe to use in media with dirt. In addition, the friction force of the Piston seals is low and there is no crawling phenomenon, which is crucial for maintaining the stable operation of the system.


It is worth mentioning that the groove structure of the Piston seals GSF 9500 is simple, which can be used for integral pistons, greatly simplifying the design and manufacturing process of the piston. Moreover, due to the ability to be made of multiple materials, the Piston seals has strong adaptability to working conditions, which enables it to achieve optimal performance in various application environments.

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In summary, the Piston seals GSF 9500 is an efficient, reliable, and adaptable hydraulic system sealing element. Its design and performance make it a reliable choice in high-pressure hydraulic systems, providing a solid guarantee for the normal operation of the system. With the development and popularization of hydraulic technology, Piston seals will continue to play an important role in providing high-quality sealing solutions for various hydraulic systems.

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  • Post time: Feb-28-2024