LVDT displacement sensor DET250A

Short Description:

The LVDT displacement sensor DET250A is used to detect changes in the travel of the hydraulic actuator (usually a hydraulic cylinder). It usually adopts a non-contact measurement principle and has the advantages of small size, high accuracy, stable performance, good reliability, and long service life.
Brand: YOYIK

Product Detail

The LVDT displacement sensor DET250A is mainly used in the field of industrial automation control to control the working status, position, and speed of hydraulic actuators. The sensor is easy to install, compact in structure, and suitable for use in various harsh environments. At the same time, due to the real-time monitoring of the hydraulic actuator's status by the hydraulic actuator travel sensor, the machine equipment is more intelligent and automated, improving production efficiency and product quality.

Technical parameter

Range 0-250mm
Working temperature -40 ℃ ~ 150 ℃
Non linearity < 0.5% F·S
Number of leads six wires
Material stainless steel

Installation precautions

1. Choose a suitable installation location. Usually, choose a stroke that is longer, has sufficient space, and is easy to operate. The installation position is stable and will not be greatly affected by external forces. The LVDT displacement sensor DET250A needs to be directly aligned with the travel, selecting the position with the best viewing angle and direction.

2. Ensure that the mechanical connection between LVDT displacement sensor DET250A and the travel part is stable and reliable. Screw fixation, keyboard connection, pneumatic connection, and other methods can be used to prevent installation looseness or displacement. The connecting parts should be made of materials with sufficient strength and resistance to wear.

3. Consider the working space of LVDT displacement sensor DET250A, adjust clearances, etc. Select installation holes with sufficient space to fully utilize the sensor's travel range, and have sufficient adjustment clearance to fine tune the installation angle and position.

4. The cable joints should undergo waterproof and dustproof treatment. The durability of sensor cables in oil environments is based on effective insulation and protection.

5. The LVDT displacement sensor DET250A cable should avoid crossing with high-temperature and high-frequency equipment cables as much as possible. The possibility of mutual interference is high, which will affect the accuracy of signal transmission.

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