Accumulator Rubber Bladder NXQ A40/31.5-L: A High Efficiency and High Safety Hydraulic System Core Component

Accumulator Rubber Bladder NXQ A40/31.5-L: A High Efficiency and High Safety Hydraulic System Core Component

The Rubber Bladder NXQ A40/31.5-L is the core component of a bladder type accumulator, and its role is crucial. It is a flexible container made of high-performance rubber, mainly used for storing compressed inert gases. In the operation of an accumulator, a certain pressure of nitrogen is usually injected into the bladder, while the outside of the bladder is filled with hydraulic oil. Under the action of hydraulic oil, the Rubber Bladder will deform, compressing nitrogen gas and storing energy. When energy needs to be released, the skin follicle will return to its original state and quickly release the stored energy.


The design of Rubber Bladder NXQ A40/31.5-L is unique, and the top of the accumulator adopts a large mouth structure, which makes the replacement of the leather bag more convenient. In addition, Rubber Bladder NXQ A40/31.5-L comply with China’s HG2331-92 standard and ASME standard, ensuring their quality and safety in use. In terms of material, Rubber Bladders are made of high-strength rubber that is resistant to oil, acid, alkali, and bending, ensuring excellent performance even in harsh working environments. At the same time, the deformation amplitude of the Rubber Bladder is small, the strength is high, and the service life is longer.


Within the normal working range, Rubber Bladder NXQ A40/31.5-L can operate stably at temperatures ranging from -10 ℃ to+70 ℃. This makes it widely used in hydraulic systems in various industries, such as construction machinery, mining machinery, ships, aviation, and other fields. In these application scenarios, Rubber Bladder fully demonstrates their excellent performance, providing reliable energy storage and regulation functions for hydraulic systems.


The role of the Rubber Bladder NXQ A40/31.5-L in hydraulic systems is very important. It can not only store and release energy, improve system efficiency, but also buffer the impact and vibration of hydraulic systems, and protect system components. In addition, the Rubber Bladder also has excellent safety performance, even in extreme situations; it will not suddenly rupture, ensuring the safe and stable operation of the hydraulic system.


In summary, the Rubber Bladder NXQ A40/31.5-L is an important hydraulic component with high performance and safety. Its unique structural design and excellent materials enable it to exhibit excellent performance in various working environments. With the development of hydraulic technology in our country, the application scope of Rubber Bladder will become increasingly widespread, playing a greater role in serving industrial production and daily life in our country.

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  • Post time: Feb-28-2024