Electric heater JHG03S2-380V6KW for cooling water of generator stator in thermal power plant

Electric heater JHG03S2-380V6KW for cooling water of generator stator in thermal power plant

The electric heater JHG03S2-380V6KW used for the cooling water of the generator stator in the thermal power plant is key heat treatment equipment. Its design task temperature is as high as 850°C, which can provide uniform and stable heating effect for the cooling water in high temperature environments.

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The electric heater JHG03S2-380V6KW combines multiple heating elements to form a compact heating unit. These heating elements are usually made of materials such as resistance wires, heating plates or heat exchangers. When electric current passes through these components, heat is generated and transferred to the cooling water. When the cooling water flows through the cluster electric heating element, the temperature gradually increases, thereby achieving the purpose of heating.

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This electric heater has the following significant advantages:

1. High heating temperature: The designed task temperature is as high as 850°C, which fully meets the high requirements for generator stator cooling water heating.

2. Average medium outlet temperature: The structural design of the electric heating element helps to achieve temperature uniformity of the cooling water during the heating process, avoids local overheating or insufficient temperature, and ensures the stability of the cooling water outlet temperature.

3. High temperature control accuracy: The heating power can be accurately adjusted to achieve the required cooling water temperature. This optimizes the operating efficiency of the generator while avoiding equipment damage caused by temperature fluctuations.

4. Easy installation: The structural design of electric heating elements allows them to be easily installed in cooling water pipes and adapt to various installation environments.

5. Corrosion resistance and high pressure resistance: The cooling water environment of thermal power plants may contain various chemicals, but electric heating elements are usually made of corrosion-resistant materials, which can not only withstand high pressure but also resist chemical erosion, thus extending the service life of the equipment. .

6. Safe and reliable: It has excellent insulation performance and overheating protection function, and can automatically cut off power under abnormal circumstances to ensure the safety of equipment operation.

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In thermal power plants, the temperature control of the generator stator cooling water is crucial because it directly affects the efficiency and life of the generator. The electric heater JHG03S2-380V6KW is an ideal heating solution due to its high temperature capability, temperature uniformity, precise temperature control and ease of installation. By accurately controlling the temperature of the cooling water, the internal temperature of the generator can be effectively prevented from being too high, thereby ensuring the stable operation of the power plant.

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  • Post time: May-22-2024