Gas turbine cleaner ZOK-27

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Gas turbine cleaner ZOK-27 is suitable for various types of gas turbines and is a necessary product for compressor manufacturers and gas turbine users. It can be cleaned online and offline, with strong cleaning and anti-corrosion completed simultaneously. It contains unique corrosion inhibitors and is biodegradable, making it an efficient, fast, and environmentally friendly cleaning agent. The use of ZOK27 gas turbine cleaning agent can greatly extend the service life (rust prevention) of the compressor and reduce operating costs.

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Gas turbine cleaner ZOK-27 not only cleans the gas turbine, but also has good anti-corrosion effect. The use of gas turbine cleaning agent ZOK-27 can ensure the maximum available power output of the gas turbine, improve combustion efficiency, and reduce wear and damage to machine components such as blades and bearings. Online cleaning can greatly extend the offline cleaning cycle due to downtime, thereby greatly reducing the high cost of startup and shutdown, as well as the economic losses caused by downtime.


1. Gas turbine cleaner ZOK-27 is suitable for power plants, offshore drilling platforms, aircraft, and industrial gas turbines;

2. Gas turbine cleaner ZOK-27 has been widely used globally in all types of gas turbine engines;

3. Gas turbine cleaner ZOK-27 fully meets the internationally recognized requirements of various stringent and latest gas turbine specifications and standards;

4. The anti-corrosion effect of the gas turbine cleaner ZOK-27 is good. The working principle of the corrosion inhibitor in its composition is to passivate the surface of the component material, forming a protective layer of corrosion inhibition on its surface, thereby preventing the electrolyte from contacting the surface of the component and conducting current. The research results show that the pH value should be maintained between 7.0 and 7.5, which can minimize the corrosion of materials used in internal structural components of gas or aviation engines. In addition, corrosion inhibitors can also serve as buffer solutions to control pH values and prevent changes in electrolyte pH that accelerate corrosion rates.

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