What Filter Elements Are Used on Steam Turbines?

What Filter Elements Are Used on Steam Turbines?

Power plant steam turbines have a large and complex hydraulic oil system, in which there are many types of filter elements used, including but not limited to the following:

Steam turbine fire resistant oil filter element

Steam turbine EH oil filter element: used to filter impurities, pollutants, etc. in the steam turbine EH oil, keep the hydraulic oil clean, and improve the service life of the oil.

Acid removal filter element: It can adsorb or neutralize acidic substances, effectively reducing the acid value of fire resistant fuel.

Actuator filter element: used to filter impurities and pollutants in the steam turbine actuator, prevent sediment such as oil sludge from affecting the smoothness of the system.

Air filter element: used to filter impurities, dust, etc. in the air entering the turbine, and protect the normal operation of the steam turbine air intake system.

Oil pump filter element: By filtering impurities in the oil, impurities in the oil entering and exiting the system are removed, for protecting the steam turbine and hydraulic system.

Jacking oil filter element: Filter solid particles, mechanical impurities, and rubber debris in the jacking oil to ensure that the cleanliness of the oil meets the requirements of the turbine jacking oil system.


Particularity of Steam Turbine Fire Resistant Oil Filters

The lubricating oil system of the power plant uses phosphate ester fire resistant oil. Compared with ordinary hydraulic oil, phosphate ester fire resistant oil has higher operating temperature and pressure. Therefore, the hydraulic oil filter element used in the fire resistant oil system is specially manufactured, usually made of special filter materials with good corrosion resistance, high temperature resistance, and efficient filtering accuracy, which can meet the filtering requirements of power plants under different operating conditions. It is usually made of high-strength materials to ensure that it does not crack or leak during high-speed rotation.
steam turbine EH oil filter

When using the EH  oil filter element, it is necessary to promptly judge the working status of the filter element and check whether the filter element needs to be replaced. This can be done by checking the appearance of the filter element and the blockage inside the filter element, as well as detecting indicators such as the filter efficiency and filter life of the filter element.

In addition to the service conditions of the filter element, the replacement cycle of the turbine filter element can also be determined according to the manufacturer’s manual, and the filter element can be replaced regularly. At the same time, flexibly adjust the replacement cycle according to the actual situation.

When replacing the steam turbine EH oil filter element, there are something need your attention:

  • It is necessary to ensure that the system is in a shutdown state to avoid accidents.
  • Prepare necessary tools and consumables before replacing the filter element.
  • When replacing the filter element, strictly follow the requirements of the user manual to avoid incorrect operation.
  • After replacing the filter element, perform a system pressure test and leak point inspection to ensure that the system operates normally.
  • At the same time, when replacing the filter element, it is necessary to pay attention to discharging the pressure and residual lubricating oil in the lubricating oil system to avoid causing pollution and damage to the equipment and the environment.

Acid removal filter element

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  • Post time: Mar-17-2023