Features of Bladder Type Accumulator NXQ-A-40/31.5-L-EH

NXQ type bladder accumulator is a device that compresses the fluid in a hydraulic system into a fixed space to store energy. It usually consists of a soft rubber airbag and an inflation valve. When liquid enters the accumulator from the hydraulic system, it will compress the gas in the bladder, causing the pressure inside the accumulator to increase. When the system requires hydraulic energy, the pressure in the accumulator pushes the gas back into the hydraulic system, generating kinetic energy.

In other words, the working principle of a bladder accumulator can be simply summarized as: compressing the liquid into a fixed space to store hydraulic energy, and releasing the stored hydraulic energy when the system requires energy.

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Good Features of Bladder Accumulator

1. Simple structure: The structure of a bladder type energy accumulator is relatively simple, consisting of one or more elastic air bags or rubber capsules. The material in contact with the liquid is a special rubber or plastic material, which provides good sealing and corrosion resistance.

2. Good energy storage effect: The leather bag type energy storage device has excellent energy storage effect, can store a large amount of liquid energy in a small space, and has good vibration resistance and durability.

3. Strong adjustability: By adjusting the pressure and volume of the gas in the accumulator, you can flexibly adjust its working pressure and energy storage capacity to meet different hydraulic system requirements.

4. Convenient maintenance: Leather bag accumulators do not require frequent maintenance, and usually only require regular inspection of their sealing and air pressure status. Replacement is also relatively convenient.

5. Safety and reliability: Leather bag type accumulators have high safety and reliability. When a hydraulic system fails, they can quickly release energy and reduce pressure in the system, protecting the safety of the system and equipment.

NXQ series bladders and spares (1)

 What is the advantage of bladder accumulator NXQ-A-40/31.5-L-EH

Compared to traditional spring type accumulators, bladder accumulator NXQ-A-40/31.5-L-EH has the following advantages:

1. Small size and light weight: Leather bag type accumulators are not as simple and compact as the spiral springs of traditional spring type accumulators, and can significantly reduce their volume and weight.

2. Good compression performance: The leather bag type accumulator can freely compress and expand under pressure, with excellent compression performance, and can balance the pressure in the hydraulic system.

3. Good cushioning performance: The bladder type accumulator can control its internal pressure to achieve a cushioning effect on pressure shocks in the hydraulic system, protecting other components in the system from damage.

High safety performance: The leather bag type accumulator has no components such as springs, which is not prone to damage and failure during use, and has high safety performance.

5. Strong energy storage capacity: The leather bag type accumulator can store a large amount of liquid, which has a strong energy storage capacity and can meet the needs of complex hydraulic systems.

In summary, the bladder type accumulator NXQ-A-40/31.5-L-EH is a hydraulic accumulator with excellent performance and wide application, with its advantages including small size, light weight, good compression performance, good cushioning performance, high safety performance, and strong energy storage capacity.

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