Travel Switch OWK-1G: Excellent Accuracy and Fast Response Speed

Travel Switch OWK-1G: Excellent Accuracy and Fast Response Speed

The OWK-1G travel switch is used in conjunction with the oil-water alarm to monitor the lubricating oil level of the generator. With its high precision and fast response capability, it plays a vital role in ensuring the safe operation of the generator.

OWK series oil-water alarm (4)

The OWK-1G travel switch is a liquid level switch with a magnetic memory function, consisting of a contact and a magnetic contact. When the magnetic contact approaches the magnetic memory contact to a specific position (point A), the magnetic memory contact is actuated by magnetic coupling. Even after the magnetic contact leaves, the magnetic memory contact remains in the actuated state until a reset command is received. This design ensures the durability of the switch state and remains stable even in the case of liquid fluctuations.

OWK series Oil-Water Alarm (2)

The OWK-1G travel switch demonstrates excellent accuracy and fast response speed when monitoring the lubricating oil level of the generator, which is specifically reflected in the following aspects:


High-precision positioning: OWK-1G can accurately trigger an alarm at the set liquid point through a precise magnetic memory mechanism, avoiding false alarms or missed alarms caused by liquid level fluctuations, and ensuring the accuracy of monitoring.

Fast response: Due to the use of magnetic memory technology, the OWK-1G can respond to changes in the liquid level almost instantly, which is crucial for timely detection of abnormal conditions in the lubricating oil level, helping to take quick action to prevent damage to the generator due to insufficient lubrication.

Stability and reliability: The magnetic memory function ensures the stability of the switch state. Even in the environment of severe vibration or severe fluctuations of the liquid, the OWK-1G can maintain its set alarm point, reducing maintenance requirements and improving the reliability of the entire system.

Non-contact detection: The non-contact operation of the magnetic contacts and contacts avoids mechanical wear, extends the service life of the switch, and reduces maintenance costs.

oil water alarm level switch OWK-1G (3)

When monitoring the lubricating oil level of the generator, the OWK-1G limit switch is not only an early warning mechanism for the health of the lubrication system, but also a key tool for maintaining the safe operation of the generator. It can issue an alarm in time when the oil level is too low or too high, reminding the operator to take action to prevent serious consequences such as overheating, increased wear or shutdown of the generator due to lubrication problems.


The OWK-1G limit switch has demonstrated excellent performance in the application of monitoring the lubricating oil level of the generator with its high precision and fast response speed. It ensures the accuracy, stability and reliability of monitoring through magnetic memory technology and non-contact detection methods.
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