Hydraulic oil filter element LX-HXR25X20

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The LX-HXR25X20 high-pressure filter element is made of perforated mesh and glass fiber, also known as chemical fiber, with a filtration accuracy of 1-40 μ, When the filter element is contaminated and blocked to a pressure difference of 0.35MPa at the inlet and outlet, a switch signal is issued. At this time, the filter element is replaced to achieve the purpose of protecting system safety.
Brand: YOYIK

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The filter element LX-HXR25X20 is made of glass fiber filter material, which has the advantages of high filtration accuracy, large oil flow capacity, small original pressure loss, and large pollutant capacity. Its filtration accuracy is calibrated based on filtration accuracy, and the filtration ratio β3, β5, β10, β20 ≥ 200, filtration efficiency η≥ 99.5%. The evaluation method is ISO16889-99 and GB/T18853-2002.

Technical parameters


Note: There are multiple specifications available for you to choose from when changing the sequence filter element. If you want to learn more information, please do not hesitate to contact us. We are happy to serve you.


The lifespan of the filter element LX-HXR25X20 itself is not fixed, and its use is closely related to the cleanliness of the filter element, as well as its quality. If there are too many impurities in the operating environment, the filter is more likely to inhale unclean gases, which increases the working pressure of the filter. Excessive impurities can also quickly block the filter element. However, do not persist in using the filter element when it is found to be blocked or damaged, Fine particulate impurities will enter the lubricating oil of the system, accelerating the oxidation of the lubricating oil.

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