OWK Series Oil-Water Alarm

Short Description:

The OWK series oil-water alarm detects the oil leakage in the hydrogen-cooled generator units. It has simple structure and is easy to install. It is composed of sheild, float, permanent magnet and magnetic switch. When liquid enters the shell, the float will move. The upper part of the float rod is equipped with a permanent magnet. When the float rises to a certain distance, the magnetic switch will act to turn on the electrical signal, and send out an alarm. When the liquid inside the shell is discharged, the float falls by its own weight, and the magnetic switch acts as a cut-off signal, and the alarm is released. An observation window made of oil-resistant Plexiglas is installed on the shell of the alarm to facilitate the inspection of the liquid level.

Product Detail


The OWK series oil-water alarm is fully sealed structure, made of stainless steel, aluminum and other magnetic resistant materials, with excellent explosion proof performance.


The Application of OWK series oil-water alarm:

1. Oil leakage monitoring of hydrogen cooled generators

2. Condensate level monitoring in the condenser

3. Liquid level monitoring of the boiler gas bag


The Specification of OWK series oil-water alarm:

1. Working pressure: 0~1.0MPa

2. Working temperature: 0~95℃

3. Level measuring range: 0-44mm

4. Magnetic switch: AC100W DC100W


This OWK series oil-water alarm must be installed vertically. Simulation experiment can be done before installation. If the monitoring range is unqualified, the installation position of the magnetic switch can be adjusted (just loosen the upper cap).

Fix the memory contact on the bracket (or on the device), and fix the magnetic contact on the moving part to keep the distance between the two at 0-6mm. Then adjust the magnetic contact to make the memory contact reach the action position. At this time, the switch is in the forced magnetic memory working condition and has strong shock resistance. Finally, the magnetic contact is fixed and it can be put into use.

NOTE: The installation size can be customized.


This OWK series oil-water alarm does not allow strong magnetic objects to approach to avoid disoperation.


Note: 1. The 3 needle valves in the figure are provided by the user; 2. Different units use 3 to 7 oil-water detection alarms.

OWK series oil-water alarm and spares

OWK series oil-water alarm (1) OWK series oil-water alarm (2) OWK series oil-water alarm (3) OWK series oil-water alarm (4)

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