DC Electric Heater Control Cabinet DJZ-03

Short Description:

DJZ-03 Control Cabinet of DC Electric Heater is designed and manufactured for heating control for big bolts of steam turbines. For big bolts over 56mm in diameter, the securing moment required is too big to achieve under ambient condition. As such, in order to secure the big bolts, the bolts are secured to a certain moment under ambient condition at first, then they are to be lengthened through heating, and the corresponding nuts are to be turned in a certain arc length, the bolts finally are to be secured to certain tightness.

Product Detail

DJZ-03 Control Cabinet of DC Electric Heater applies to the electricity of 3 phases, 4 wires, 380V, 60Hz. The device has 8 output circuits with DC 50~200V adjustable volt (normally set at 180~200V). There is a function of regular heating for each circuit, the regulating time can be set at 0~1 hours (normally at 20~45 minutes). The circuit will turn off automatically and alarm when archiving the regulated time so that overheating and damage of the parts can be avoided. The timer can indicate the heating process. The stop button is set for each heating circuit, electricity will turn off immediately when emergency happens, and the other circuits still work normally.

Technical Data

Technical Data of DJZ-03 Control Cabinet:


Total Power

Output Circuit

Max power per circuit


Output Voltage










3-Phase, 4-Wire








Note: Please contact us before ordering if different specification is needed.


Precautions of DJZ-03 Control Cabinet:

a. Proper bolt heater shall be selected; the heater shall match the bolt appropriately, and ensure the complete insertion of the heater so as to acquire the heat required and quick heating, avoid too much heat loss to the cylinder.

b. Supply electricity to the heater after it inserts the bolt.

c. Special attention shall be paid that don’t take out the bolt heater when electrifying or, the heater not cooled even cut the electricity

d. Electric heater must be checked using 500V insulation meter. The insulation resistance shall not be less than 500 Ω to ensure the heater’s working life and safety; in addition, electrify the heater at 40~60V for 20 minutes, warm-up the heater to remove moisture, increase insulation resistance.

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