The application and technical features of the suction fan Sealing ring DG600-240-07-03

The application and technical features of the suction fan Sealing ring DG600-240-07-03

The Sealing ring DG600-240-07-03 for suction fans is a non-contact rubber mechanical seal ring used to increase gas pressure and convey (or exhaust) fluids (gases), which is crucial for maintaining the effective operation of the fan system and preventing gas leaks. Here is some detailed information about the seal rings for suction fans:

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1. Function of the Sealing ring DG600-240-07-03: The seal ring for suction fans is mainly used to prevent gas leaks and the entry of external particles or pollutants into the fan interior, to maintain the integrity of the system’s lubricant or gas, and to prevent external impurities from entering the fan interior.

2. Structural classification: According to the structure and working principle, fan seal rings can be divided into different types such as centrifugal, axial, mixed flow, and cross flow.

3. Application scope: The Sealing ring DG600-240-07-03 is widely used in engineering applications such as factory, mine, tunnel, and cooling tower ventilation, dust removal, and cooling; industrial applications such as boiler and industrial furnace ventilation and suction; home applications such as air conditioning equipment and home appliances cooling and ventilation; agricultural applications such as grain drying; and rubber inflation applications such as wind tunnel air sources and cushion equipment.

4. Technical implementation: Some technical patents propose methods to strengthen the suction fan housing seal structure by designing connection brackets and seal rings, which enhance the sealing effect and reduce the phenomenon of poor sealing after long-term use.

5. Sealing method: The sealing method of a centrifugal suction fan is an important element ensuring the fan’s operational efficiency, and its main purpose is to prevent gas leaks.

6. Sealing device: The seal device of the suction fan shaft may include bearings, end covers, seal gaskets, and bolts, to ensure the seal of the rotating connection.

7. Rotating shaft seal: Radial rotating shaft seals are typically composed of a metal framework and an elastomer, executing the dual function of preserving lubricants and preventing pollution.

8. Blade seal structure: The blade seal structure of a suction fan is also important, including the impeller hub, blades, blade stocks, and bushings, to ensure the fan’s effective seal.

9. New type of seal belt: A patent has proposed a new type of seal belt structure for suction fans, which may include chamfers set in the middle, outer circles, and seal rings at both ends, to enhance the sealing action.

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Through these seal technologies and structures, the Sealing ring DG600-240-07-03 can significantly improve the operational efficiency and reliability of the suction fan, reduce maintenance costs, and extend the service life of the equipment. In practical applications, choosing the right type and design of the seal ring according to the specific working environment and requirements is crucial.

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  • Post time: Apr-25-2024