TD-2 series Case Expansion Transducer YOYIK new batch ready for ship

TD-2 series Case Expansion Transducer YOYIK new batch ready for ship

Our latest batches of TD-2 Case Expansion Transducer have completed the factory inspection and are ready for customers around the world.

The Case Expansion Transducer TD-2 series is a probe designed for measuring the absolute expansion displacement of the steam turbine unit, usually used with Thermal Expansion Monitoring Instrument DF9032 Max A. It has remote and local indication. The local indication range is wider, and the intermediate frequency displacement sensor is used as the sensing element; the remote indication has good linearity, strong anti-interference, simple structure, good reliability, long-term continuous use, and constant output. TD-2 Case Expansion Transducer products have been selected by domestic large and medium-sized steam turbine manufacturers, and can also be used in other displacement occasions for precise stroke measurement. TD-2 thermal expansion sensor is applicable to the measurement and protection of steam turbine cylinder expansion.

TD-2 Case Expansion Transducer is mainly used to measure the expansion displacement of steam turbine cylinder, and it can complete remote indication, alarm, constant current output and other functions of thermal expansion displacement with the thermal expansion monitor. The field of vision of local indication is large, and the remote indication is digital display, which is clear and intuitive. The medium frequency differential transformer displacement sensor is used as the sensing element. It is a highly reliable LVDT displacement sensor, with strong anti-interference ability, good linearity, simple structure, not easy to damage, and can be used continuously for a long time.

Technical indicators of Case Expansion Transducer TD-2:

1. Range: 0~50mm (the range is determined by the user)

2. Accuracy: ± 1% (full scale)

3. Ambient temperature: - 20 ℃

4. Linear resistive excitation: 1500Hz, 10~20VAC

5. Impedance: 250 ± 500 (1500Hz)

6. Linearity: ± 1.5% of effective full range

7.Operating temperature: - 10~100 ℃

8. Relative humidity: ≤ 90% non-condensing

Function description of Case Expansion Transducer TD-2:

1. Display function: axial displacement measurement value, alarm and shutdown setting value can be displayed on LED digital tube respectively.

2. Alarm function: alarm, shutdown and output signal fault are indicated by LED.

3. Self-diagnosis function: any fault of the input system, such as probe wear, poor contact or broken wire, can be detected, and the alarm and shutdown output circuits can be cut off at the same time. It has power on and power off detection functions, and can effectively inhibit the false alarm of the monitor by disconnecting the alarm output circuit.

4. Output interface: 4-20mA current output universal interface is set, which can be connected with computer, DCS, PLC system, paperless recorder and other equipment.

Our company has a large amount of Case Expansion Transducer TD-2 in stock for a long time. If you are interested or have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us directly, and our staff will serve you wholeheartedly.


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  • Post time: Oct-14-2022