YSF series pressure relief valve for transformer

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YSF series relief valve is a pressure relief device developed by our company, which is used to protect the safe operation of the oil tank and can monitor the pressure change inside the oil tank in real time. It is mainly used in oil-immersed power transformers, power capacitors, reactors, etc. On power equipment, it can also be used to release the pressure when the oil tank of the on-load switch is over pressured.

Product Detail


When a fault occurs inside the oil-immersed power equipment, the pressure inside the fuel tank rises sharply. If the pressure is not released in time, the fuel tank will deform or even burst. The YSF series relief valve can be opened quickly when the pressure of the fuel tank rises to its opening pressure value, so that the pressure in the fuel tank is quickly reduced pressure, effectively preventing outside air, water and other impurities from entering the fuel tank. The YSF series relief valve with directional fuel injection device (hereinafter referred to as the directional fuel injection pressure release valve) can spray the released insulating liquid directionally, and guide it into the oil collecting pool through the oil guide pipe to prevent the insulating liquid from splashing and meet the requirements of fire protection and environmental protection.

Technical characteristics

The Technical Characteristics of YSF series relief valve:

1. Diversity
The opening pressure can be adjusted, and the product can be customized according to the opening pressure required by the user.
Can provide dual electrical signal output.
Users can freely choose the installation diameter and the installation flange connection method to customize.

2. Convenience
It can be equipped with a bleed plug, which can discharge the excess gas in the pressure relief valve cavity after oil filling. A wiring diagram is attached on the inside of the upper cover, which is convenient for the user to operate the wiring.

3. Reliability
Newly designed built-in electrical switch to prevent accidental bump damage and false alarm due to rain and fog.
The self-developed directional oil guide structure reduces the leakage damping.
The factory test is higher than the national standard to ensure product performance.

4. Technological
The φ130mm diameter release valve can be equipped with an analog output function for real-time monitoring of the internal pressure of the fuel tank.
Re-developed a new waterproof structure to improve the three-proof performance of the product.

5. Aesthetics
The exposed parts are assembled with stainless steel, which is beautiful and corrosion-resistant.

Model Description

The Model Description of YSF series relief valve:


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