Oil Pump PVH098R01AD30A250000002001AB010A Matches Multiple Uses

Oil Pump PVH098R01AD30A250000002001AB010A Matches Multiple Uses

The PVH098 oil pump is an open circuit, axial plunger design that provides a variety of controls, making the pump capable of matching multiple uses.
The PVM series pumps feature a saddle top cradle with steel-backed polymer bearings, the rigid cradle reduces deflection and evenly loads the bearings for extended life. The single control plunger reduces the load on the cradle, resulting in a reduced size of the pump, allowing installation in a more compact location. The low noise operation of the H series exceeds the demands of today's industrial conditions, and the pumps feature flanges, housings and valve blocks specially designed to reduce liquid noise and structure noise.
PVH098 geometric displacement: 98,3cm3/r, clockwise shaft steering, open circuit plunger pump can meet different performance requirements, with rocking swashplate has fast response speed to hydraulic circuit.
If the noise of the main oil pump of PVH098 is increased, the fault can be eliminated by the following reasons:
Oil containing air may present:
1. Inlet pipeline leakage;
2. Shaft end seal leakage;
3. Low oil flow;
4. The oleophobic pipe is above the liquid level;
5. Steam leakage from the main pipe;
6. The pressure drop of the pump inlet pipe is too large;
7. The inlet filter has a gas-collecting effect;
1. Replace the seal;
2. Replace the shaft end seal;
3. Readjust the pump flow and pressure adjustment device;
4. Increase the liquid level;
5. Eliminate air leakage;
6. Check whether the entrance door is fully open and whether the entrance filter is blocked and open the entrance door and clean the filter;
7. Clean the filter.
The PVH098 has a flexible design, compact housing, provides 250 bar (3625 psi) operating performance connected, and 280 bar (4050 psi) operating performance in load sensing systems, this design is suitable for power intensive machinery requiring higher performance levels to ensure long life , The net weight of the pump body is 45KG, and it must be installed horizontally. The high-pressure fuel-resistant fuel system is equipped with two PVH098 fuel-resistant fuel pumps, both of which are pressure-compensated variable displacement piston pumps. When the system flow changes, the system oil pressure will increase or decrease. The plunger stroke is automatically adjusted to bring the system pressure to the set value.
If the noise of the PVH098 oil pump increases, the fault can be eliminated by the following reasons:
Pump mechanical failure can occur:
1. Loose or faulty plunger and shoe;
2. bearing failure;
3. The coupling is damaged or the elastic washer of the coupling is damaged;
4. loose feet
1. Replace the plunger and slipper, and clean up impurities and oil in the pump;
2. Replace the bearing, and clean up impurities and oil in the pump;
3. Replace the coupling or elastic washer;
4. Tighten the feet.
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