DF9032 MaxA Dual Channel Thermal Expansion Monitor

Short Description:

DF9032 MaxA dual channel thermal expansion monitor is a new product especially designed and manufactured for monitoring and protection of the thermal expansion of the shell of rotating machinery or valve location and travel, etc.

Product Detail

True programmable instrument

The commissioning of DF9032 MaxA dual channel thermal expansion monitor no longer needs to open the instrument case, only using the mouse instead of a screwdriver; all the measuring parameter settings and instrument performance test can be easily completed by DF2900 configuration software!
DF2900 configuration software is the Windows Chinese interface which is simple and easy to operate.

True maintenance-free instrument

The design and manufacture concept of monitoring-oriented special PLC ensures the high reliability of the instrument.
Built-in top grade microprocessor conducts continuous self-diagnosis on sensors, instrument circuits and software.
E2PROM automatically remembers the running data of instruments.

True multi-functional instrument

By the configuration of the instrument, the monitoring of thermal expansion or valve position or travel can be conveniently achieved.
Provide the difference value identification, change rate identification and other custom measurement functions to meet different needs.
Full range linearity compensation of the sensor.
Real-time record of measurement data can be easily downloaded for data analysis and troubleshooting.

Description of the functions

1)DF9032 MaxA dual channel thermal expansion monitor can receive input signals from one or two LVDT sensor systems and continuously measure and monitor the thermal expansion or valve position and travel on the machine shell and provide mechanical protection for machinery.

2)DF9032 MaxA dual-channel thermal expansion monitor is an intelligent instrument based on top grade DSP processor.
*Two-channel independent operation: each channel independently measures, and two channels do not contact each other;
*Two channels monitor the same parameter: Two channels monitor the same parameter, so high reliable measurement can be achieved and there is a difference identification function etc.;
*Two-channel compensation measurement: one of two channels measures positive displacement, the other channel measures negative displacement, the two channel combination can measure the whole range of displacement;
*Bevel measurements: measures bevel displacement and automatic slope compensation, and converted to thermal expansion.

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