Working Principle of Oil Suction Filter WU-250x100FJ In Hydraulic System

Working Principle of Oil Suction Filter WU-250x100FJ In Hydraulic System

The oil pump suction filter element WU-250x100FJ achieves optimization of oil filtration and pressure loss through its unique design. In practical applications, it can improve the efficiency of oil pumps, extend their service life, ensure the cleanliness of the oil, optimize oil filtration and pressure loss, and thus demonstrate many advantages in practical applications.

Oil Suction Filter WU-250x100FJ

The WU-250x100FJ filter element is mainly made of materials such as glass fiber and metal mesh, with high filtration accuracy and strength. When the oil enters the oil pump, it first passes through the oil suction filter. The filter element filters the oil to remove impurities and particles from the oil. In this way, the cleanliness of the oil is ensured, and the internal parts of the oil pump are also protected.


The bypass valve is installed on the end cover of the filter element WU-250x100FJ, mainly to regulate oil flow and reduce pressure loss caused by filtration. When the oil passes through the filter element, the pressure of the oil will gradually increase due to the resistance of the filtering material. When the pressure rises to a certain level, the bypass valve will open, and some of the oil will bypass the filter element and flow directly to the outlet end of the oil pump. This reduces the flow rate of oil through the filter element, reduces the speed of oil passing through the filter element, and thus reduces pressure loss.

Oil Suction Filter WU-250x100FJ

When the oil pump stops working, in order to prevent oil backflow, the bypass valve will automatically close to prevent filtered oil from flowing back to the tank through the bypass channel. This maintains the filtering effect and avoids backflow pollution of the oil.


The hydraulic oil suction filter WU-250x100FJ has the following advantages in practical applications:

1. Improve the efficiency of the oil pump: By regulating the oil flow through a bypass valve, the pressure loss caused by filtration is reduced, thereby improving the efficiency of the oil pump.

2. Extend the service life of the oil pump: The filter element filters the oil, protecting the internal parts of the oil pump from wear and tear, and prolonging the service life of the oil pump.

3. Easy maintenance: The design of the bypass valve makes the filter element more convenient to maintain, just replace the filter element regularly.

4. Strong adaptability: The regulating ability of the bypass valve makes the filter suitable for various working conditions, especially in high-pressure and high viscosity oil systems.

Oil Suction Filter WU-250x100FJ

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