Special Feature of EH Oil Pump Suction Filter DS103EA100V/-W

Special Feature of EH Oil Pump Suction Filter DS103EA100V/-W

The suction inlet of the turbine EH oil main oil pump is where the oil pump absorbs EH oil. It is usually located below the oil pump or on the low-pressure side of the oil system. In this position, the oil pump draws EH oil from the oil system through its suction port, and then compresses and pushes it to the higher pressure side of the oil system to supply to various control systems of the steam turbine.


The filter element DS103EA100V/-W is a filter installed at the suction port of the oil pump. It is used to prevent impurities in the oil from entering the oil pump and protect the internal components of the oil pump from wear. It can filter out metal shavings, dust, fibers, sludge and other suspended particles in the oil.

EH oil pump suction filter DS103EA100VW (3)

Because the steam turbine uses special EH oil, the filter element DS103EA100V/-W has some characteristics that are different from ordinary filter elements:

  1. 1. Chemical stability: Steam turbine EH oil may be affected by high temperature, high pressure and chemical pollution. Therefore, the filter element DS103EA100V/-W used in EH oil systems must be made of materials that are resistant to the chemical properties of the oil to prevent degradation of the filter element itself.
  2. 2. Anti-fatigue performance: Since the oil in the turbine oil system may exert pressure on the filter element during circulation, the filter element DS103EA100V/-W must have good fatigue resistance performance to withstand long-term use without damage.
  3. 3. Anti-emulsification and anti-foaming properties: Turbine oil may produce foam or emulsification under high temperature and pressure. The filter element DS103EA100V/-W needs to have good anti-emulsification and anti-foaming properties to ensure the stability of the oil.
  4. 4. Compatibility: The material of the filter element DS103EA100V/-W needs to be compatible with the oil of the turbine oil system to prevent filter element performance degradation or system failure caused by chemical reactions.
  5. 5. Temperature resistance: The steam turbine will generate high temperatures during operation, so the filter element DS103EA100V/-W must be able to withstand high temperature environments without losing filtration efficiency due to temperature changes.

EH oil pump suction filter DS103EA100VW (7)

In summary, as a filter element that uses steam turbine EH oil as the working medium, the filter element DS103EA100V/-W has its own special features in terms of material selection, filtration performance, durability, anti-foam and emulsification performance, structural design, and ease of maintenance. These are all to ensure that the steam turbine can operate efficiently, safely and stably.
There are other different filter elements used in power plants as below. Contact Yoyik for more types and details.
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