How to Choose Steam Turbine Filter Based On the Material

How to Choose Steam Turbine Filter Based On the Material

The steam turbine filter element is used to filter the air or oil entering the turbine to maintain its cleanliness and prevent pollution. In steam turbines, there are various types of filter elements used for different filtration tasks. For example, an air filter is used to filter air to prevent dust, sand, and other particulate matter from entering the fire-resistant fuel tank. The EH oil filters are used to filter the oil in various equipment and oil circuits to remove impurities and pollutants and protect various components in the system. The acid removal filter element is specifically designed to remove acidic substances from oil and optimize the service life of fire-resistant fuel.


In general, the material of the steam turbine filter element should have good high-temperature resistance, corrosion resistance, and pressure resistance. The fire resistant oil filter mainly includes parts such as filter screen, sealing ring, and skeleton. Yoyik will introduce the precautions for selecting the steam turbine filter element based on the materials used in each part.

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Filter screen: The filter screen is the main component of the steam turbine filter. The choice of filter screen usually depends on the type and viscosity of the medium to be filtered. The commonly used filters include materials such as PP, synthetic fibers, and stainless steel wire. The quality of the filter also determines the service life, filtering effect, and compressive strength of the filter element. Therefore, the first consideration when selecting a filter element is whether the filter material is of high quality.


Sealing ring: The sealing ring is one of the key components of the steam turbine filter element, usually made of fluororubber. The function of the sealing ring is to maintain the sealing between the filter element and the filter housing, preventing oil stains from leaking from the side. It should be noted that some filter elements used for ordinary hydraulic oil are made of nitrile rubber sealing rings. This material should never be used in fire-resistant fuel systems. Nitrile rubber quickly dissolves in EH oil, producing a large amount of impurities, polluting the oil quality, causing the oil pump and servo valve to jam, causing huge losses. Yoyik recommends that users of power plants use filter elements with fluorine rubber sealing rings.

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Skeleton: The skeleton of the steam turbine filter element is usually made of metal material, used to reinforce and support the filter element. A high-quality skeleton should have high strength and corrosion resistance, which can ensure that the filter element maintains a stable shape during operation and is not prone to collapse.


In practical use, the material of the steam turbine filter element mainly depends on its application scenario and filtration requirements. The filtration requirements mainly refer to performance indicators such as filtration accuracy, filtration flow rate, mechanical strength, permeability, and corrosion resistance. However, regardless of the material of the filter element, it must meet the requirements of steam turbine operation, and must have characteristics such as efficient filtration, low pressure drop, strong flame resistance, high temperature resistance, and high pressure resistance.

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  • Post time: May-15-2023