EH Oil Regeneration Filter Lesson 2: Precision Filter Element SH006

EH Oil Regeneration Filter Lesson 2: Precision Filter Element SH006

Previously, Yoyik introduced the diatomite earth filter element 30-150-207, which is one of the essential filter elements for deacidification of steam turbine fire-resistant oil, also an important component of the EH oil regeneration device. Today, Yoyik will talk about another important filter element in the EH oil regeneration device: the precision filter element SH006.


The regeneration precision filter element SH006, also known as cellulose filter element, as the name suggests, is a special filter element made of cellulose. It can maintain normal physical and chemical indicators of EH oil, ensuring the safe and stable operation of the fire-resistant oil system.

SH006 EH oil regeneration cellulose precision filter (3)

Special Features of SH006 Precision Filter Element

The precision filter element SH-006 has high filtration accuracy and can effectively remove small particles, grease, and other impurities, thereby ensuring the cleanliness of the oil system.

The SH-006 cellulose filter element is made of high-temperature and corrosion-resistant cellulose material, which can ensure the service life and filtering effect of the filter element.

The filter element SH006 has a deep filtration structure composed of multiple layers of cellulose. The outer coarse filter screen is used to filter larger particles and impurities, while the inner fine filter screen is used to filter finer particles and oil. Thus it can reduce the resistance and pressure drop when liquid passes through, improve filtration efficiency and the service life of the filter element.

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What Is The Function of Precision Filter Element SH006?

In the regeneration device, the SH006 precision filter element and 30-150-207 diatomite filter element form a secondary filtration system, which is connected to the high-pressure oil header through a pipeline with an orifice. Diatomite filter 30-150-207 can reduce the acid value, water and oxygen content in EH oil; Precision filter element SH-006 can remove fine impurities, particles, etc. from diatomaceous earth and oil systems. Both work together to remove water and reduce acidity from the fuel, keeping the oil neutral.


The precision filter element and diatomite filter element are arranged in series in independent oil filtering pipelines, which can be conveniently put into operation or shut down. The two filter elements are both replaceable. Each filter is also equipped with a pressure gauge, which indicates abnormal high pressure when the filter needs maintenance. When the valve on the pipeline is closed, the filter cover can be removed to facilitate the replacement of the filter element.


When using precision filter element SH006, Yoyik suggests to regularly check the condition of the filter element and replace damaged or expired filter elements timely. Meanwhile, it is also necessary to follow the correct steps when replacing the filter element to avoid damage to the equipment during the replacement process.

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  • Post time: May-17-2023