How Does Sealant D20-66 Achieve Stable Hydrogen Sealing?

How Does Sealant D20-66 Achieve Stable Hydrogen Sealing?

D20-66 generator sealant is an efficient hydrogen sealing material specifically designed for steam turbine generators. It can form a reliable hydrogen sealing layer at the end cover of the generator, effectively preventing hydrogen leakage. The following is an explanation of how D20-66 Hydrogen Sealing Sealant achieves hydrogen sealing:

Generator D20-66 Hydrogen Sealing Sealant

  • 1. Special formula and materials: D20-66 sealant is made through special formula and material. It is composed of high-temperature and hydrogen resistant polymers, with excellent high-temperature and corrosion resistance. This material can maintain stable performance in high-temperature, high-pressure, and hydrogen environments. The material of D20-66 high temperature sealant has low permeability and can prevent hydrogen gas from penetrating the area below the sealant through the sealing layer. This low permeability performance ensures the long-term reliability of the sealant and effectively prevents hydrogen leakage.
  • 2. Plastic sealing: D20-66 sealant has good flowability and plasticity, and can fill small gaps and surface irregularities at the connection between the end cover and the turbine generator. When sealant is applied to the end cover, it can fill the gap between the end cover and the turbine generator, forming a continuous and uniform hydrogen sealing film. This sealing film will withstand the pressure of high-pressure hydrogen during the operation of the generator, playing a physical role in blocking hydrogen leakage. The sealing film can firmly adhere to the surface of the end cover and connecting part, preventing hydrogen gas from penetrating through the sealing layer.D20-66 generator sealant
  • 3. Thermal expansion and contraction characteristics: The steam turbine generator will experience thermal expansion and contraction due to the influence of temperature during operation. D20-66 sealing compound has high expansion and contraction performance, and can maintain a sealed state with the thermal expansion and contraction of the turbine generator. This characteristic ensures that when the temperature of the turbine generator changes, the sealant can still tightly cover the end cover and connecting parts, without cracking or loosening, thus maintaining the sealing of hydrogen gas.

Hydrogen sealing Sealant D20-66

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