Steam Turbine Shutoff Valve HGPCV-02-B30

Short Description:

The Shutoff valve HGPCV-02-B30 is an important component of the turbine safety system and the main executive component of the platform emergency shutdown system. It is mainly used as the actuator of the EH oil control system to quickly cut off the oil inlet of the hydraulic servomotor during load rejection or trip conditions, to prevent the system oil pressure from dropping due to the transient oil consumption caused by the quick closing of the hydraulic servomotor.
Brand: YOYIK

Product Detail

Shutoff valve HGPCV-02-B30 is an electro-hydraulic proportional valve designed to regulate the pressure in the hydraulic system in proportion to the electrical input applied. It can be used to directly control the pressure in small flow systems, or for pilot control of larger pressure control valves, or for purposes such as pressure control pumps. The settings have been adjusted at the factory before leaving the factory to ensure a high reproducibility between the valves. The valve design has small hysteresis loops and good repeatability. The valve body seal material is compatible with mineral liquids such as L-HM and L-HFD.


Shutoff valve HGPCV-02-B30 plays an opening and closing role in equipment, and is usually installed at the inlet and outlet of cold and heat sources, as well as on pipeline branches (including risers). It can also be used as a drain valve and a vent valve. It can ensure the safe operation of the equipment and prevent the occurrence of equipment over speed accidents caused by steam backflow in the pipeline. Shutoff valve is a type of pressure control valve that controls the on-off of oil and is widely used in EH oil systems.


1. The shutoff valve HGPCV-02-B30 has tightness and zero leakage;

2. The shutoff valve HGPCV-02-B30 is not jammed and has a small torque when in use;

3. The shutoff valve HGPCV-02-B30 has a wide range of applications and a long service life.

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