Generator Surface flat sealant 750-2

Short Description:

Sealant 750-2 is a flat sealant mainly used for sealing various flat surfaces such as steam turbine generator end covers, flanges, coolers, etc. This product is a single component synthetic rubber and does not contain dust, metal particles, or other impurities. At present, domestic steam turbine generator units, including 1000MW units, 600MW units, 300MW units, etc., all use this type of sealant.
Brand: YOYIK

Product Detail


The use of Surface flat sealant 750-2 in combination with groove sealant provides excellent sealing effect for gap sealing. For some aging and low-quality sealing gaskets, it has the effect of penetrating sealing and quickly following the shape of the sealing. During unit maintenance, the residue of the sealant is also easy to clean.

The Surface flat sealant 750-2 uses anaerobic sealing material, which not only saves a large amount of precut gaskets in stock, but also has good sealing performance, excellent pressure resistance, heat resistance, and corrosion resistance. No relaxation or contraction will occur due to changes in working temperature. Only the gaps outside the contact points of the two sealing surfaces are filled, resulting in 100% contact between the sealing surfaces, providing a more reliable seal than precut gaskets. With the use of anaerobic sealing materials, current leak free machines have emerged, extending the service life of machinery and equipment.

Technical parameters

Appearance Light yellow paste like liquid
Viscosity 25-40 P
Sealing performance > 1MPa
Shelf life Storage period at room temperature (2-10 ℃): 24 months
Packaging 5KG/barrel

Usage and precautions

The generator hydrogen cooler is installed inside the hydrogen cooler cover, and a sealing gasket is used to seal between the cooler and the cover. The sealing gasket will be evenly coated with a layer of Surface flat sealant 750-2 on both sides during installation.

Surface flat sealant 750-2 should be stored in a warehouse that is dark, dry, and well ventilated for sealing. Do not approach heat sources or be exposed to sunlight, and prevent pressure.

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