Fixing Broken Cable of Rotation Speed Sensor ZS-04-075-3000

Fixing Broken Cable of Rotation Speed Sensor ZS-04-075-3000

The speed sensor ZS-04-75-3000 is a high-precision measuring device suitable for measuring the speed of various magnetic conductors, including those commonly used in industrial environments such as speed measuring gears, motors, fans, and pumps.

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The output line design of the speed sensor ZS-04-75-3000 uses pouring sealing technology to improve the high temperature resistance performance of the sensor. Direct lead out lines have high durability and can adapt to various harsh working environments. Our sensors can also be customized with armored cables to further improve durability.


But if your sensor’s lead cable is not armored, its service life is relatively short because ordinary wires have better wear resistance than armored wires, and their insulation layer is more prone to damage in harsh working conditions. If the lead wire is damaged, this can be done:

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1. Firstly, the use of damaged sensors should be immediately stopped to avoid potential risks and further damage. According to the specific situation of the sensor and device, disassemble the sensor to access the outgoing line.


2. Carefully inspect the damage of the lead out wires to determine if it is only a damage to the outer skin of the cable, a broken wire, or a problem with the connector. Prepare corresponding lead out accessories and tools based on the extent of damage.

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3. Repair or replacement:

-If it’s just skin damage, you may only need to replace the outer skin of the cable.

-If the middle of the wire breaks, it may be necessary to re weld or replace the entire wire.

-If the lead connector or internal wiring of the sensor is damaged, the sensor needs to be replaced.


When replacing the wire, it is necessary to pay attention to whether the sealing at the position where the wire leads out is still intact and effective. If the seal is damaged, the high temperature resistance and other harsh environmental performance of the sensor will be greatly reduced, and even affect the measurement effect. It is not recommended to continue using it.

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After the repair is completed, a functional test is required to ensure that the sensor is working properly and its performance is not affected by the repair. If everything is normal, reinstall the repaired sensor onto the device and ensure proper installation.


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  • Post time: Feb-01-2024