Enlightenment from the 140 year development of China’s power industry

Enlightenment from the 140 year development of China’s power industry

1. Adhere to comprehensively deepening reform and opening up

The power system reform is an important part of the national economic system reform. We must proceed from China's national conditions, grasp the direction, timing and rhythm of reform, unswervingly promote reform and opening up, and establish a new power management system that conforms to the socialist market economic system. In the process of electric power reform and opening up, we should adhere to the overall planning, step-by-step implementation and key breakthroughs, and correctly handle the relationship between reform, development and security and stability. After a series of major reforms and power market construction, the power industry has greatly liberated the power productivity, improved the power service support capacity, and promoted the sustainable and rapid development of the power industry.

To forge ahead on the new journey, we must persist in comprehensively deepening the reform, adhere to the decisive role of the market in the allocation of power resources, give better play to the role of the government, continue to break down the institutional obstacles hindering the development of power, and provide a strong guarantee for safeguarding national energy security and promoting the high-quality development of power; Adhere to the comprehensive expansion of opening up, participate in international power cooperation and competition in a wider scope, in a wider field and at a higher level, and constantly improve the level of opening up in the power sector; Adhere to openness and inclusiveness, government promotion and market leadership, make full use of domestic and foreign markets and resources, achieve mutual benefit and win-win results, and better meet the demand for power for China's economic and social development.
2. Adhere to the appropriate and advanced development of electric power

Electric power industry is an important part of national economic security and energy security; Electric power products are not only means of production but also means of life. Insufficient power supply will restrict the development of national economy and affect the improvement of people's living standards; the production, transmission and use of power products are completed at the same time and cannot be stored in large quantities. Therefore, it is essential to maintain sufficient production capacity; the electric power industry is capital intensive and technology intensive. The objective law that the electric power needs a long construction period from planning, design, construction to operation determines that the electric power should be appropriately ahead of the economic development, which has been proved by the practice of the development of the electric power industry at home and abroad.

Facing the future, with the improvement of China's electrification level, the power demand will continue to grow. The electric power industry must give full play to the coordinating and leading role of the electric power development planning, and ensure the appropriate and advanced development of electric power, which is still the basic law that must be followed in the future.

3. Adhere to the policy of "the development of energy industry should focus on power"

Electric power is the most widely used, most convenient and cleanest secondary energy. All kinds of primary energy can be converted into electric power, and electric power is easy to be centralized, distributed, transmitted, controlled and converted into other forms. With the sustainable development of economy and society, the energy production and consumption mode is undergoing a major change. It is required to change the path and development mode of traditional energy system construction, which is dominated by the vertical extension of a single system and less physical interconnection and information interaction between energy systems, and build a comprehensive energy system, that is, the energy system in a certain region utilizes advanced technology and management mode to integrate the oil, coal Natural gas, electric power and other energy resources to achieve coordinated planning, optimized operation, collaborative management, interactive response and mutual assistance among multiple heterogeneous energy subsystems. This can effectively improve the energy utilization efficiency while meeting the diversified energy demand, thus promoting the sustainable development of energy. China's national conditions of large coal reserves, abundant renewable energy resources and relatively lack of oil and gas resources have determined that power balance should be taken as an important support for energy balance, a comprehensive energy system centered on power should be built, power generation should be taken as an important direction for primary energy conversion and utilization, power grid as an important basic platform for energy allocation, and improvement of electrification level should be taken as a fundamental measure for optimizing energy structure and improving energy utilization efficiency, Promote the clean and efficient development and rational distribution of primary energy, and provide sustainable energy security for economic and social development.
4. Adhere to the policy of "safety first, prevention first and comprehensive treatment"

The status and production characteristics of the basic industry determine that the power industry must resolutely implement the policy of "safety first, prevention first and comprehensive treatment". In the process of development of China's power industry, special attention has been paid to the safety of power system, effective measures have been taken, rich experience has been accumulated, and an enterprise safety management mechanism adapted to the socialist market economy system has been formed.

With the rapid development of distributed power generation, micro grid, intelligent power consumption, electric vehicles and energy storage, the distribution network has changed from a passive network to an active network, the power flow has changed from one-way to two-way and multi-directional, and the operation control of the power grid is more complex. With the advent of 5g era, the importance of network information security to electric power is more prominent. Therefore, the security of power system should keep pace with the times, constantly grasp unremitting efforts, pay attention to the prevention of safety accidents with a political height and a socially responsible attitude, and correctly handle the relationship between safety and development, safety and reform, safety and efficiency. We should promote the coordinated development of power grids at all levels, accelerate the construction of energy storage power stations, enhance the dynamic regulation capacity of power grids, and improve the adaptability of large-scale access to clean energy. It is necessary to strengthen the safety and stability standards, continue to improve the "three lines of defense" of relay protection, overload cut-off and load stability control device, and low-frequency and low-voltage out of step splitting device, so as to realize fault monitoring and early warning, accurate positioning, rapid isolation, and effective treatment, resist the impact of serious faults, and prevent the risk of large-scale power outages; It is necessary to strengthen the comprehensive defense of power system security and optimize the operation mode of power grid; Strengthen the information security prevention and control of the power system and effectively prevent "network attacks".

6. Adhere to the adjustment of power structure

While achieving rapid growth, China's power industry has always adhered to the guidance of national macro policies and plans, constantly promoted scientific and technological progress, strengthened structural adjustment and changed the mode of development, significantly improved the quality of development, and greatly changed the traditional backwardness of the power industry. In terms of power structure, the relationship between power generation, transmission and distribution has been adjusted. While vigorously developing power supply, great attention has been paid to the construction of power grid, so that the power transmission network and urban and rural distribution network have been greatly developed; In terms of power supply structure, we will actively develop hydropower, vigorously develop wind power, photovoltaic and other new energy power generation, safely develop nuclear power, orderly develop natural gas power generation, accelerate the transformation and upgrading of coal-fired power, constantly increase the proportion of non-fossil energy power generation, and gradually develop towards a new power system with new energy as the main body.

Facing the severe challenges of climate change and ecological problems, China must implement energy transformation, accelerate the development of new and renewable energy for power generation, implement clean substitution on the energy supply side and electric energy substitution on the energy consumption side, and form an energy pattern with clean energy as the leading and electricity as the center. From the perspective of energy development trend, new energy and renewable energy will become the main sources of future energy consumption. China's coal power is gradually changing from the traditional main power supply that provides power and electricity to the power supply that provides reliable capacity, electricity and flexibility. With the deepening of green and low-carbon transformation of energy, the role of power grid as the hub and platform of energy transformation is more prominent. Wind power, solar power generation, distributed power generation, electric vehicle charging and discharging, etc. have randomness and volatility. It is necessary to continuously improve the intelligent level of the power grid, build a digital power grid and an energy Internet, vigorously promote multi-energy coordination and complementarity, realize two-way response between power generation and user demand, and promote energy surplus and shortage adjustment and a wider range of optimal allocation.

8. Adhere to the innovation driven strategy

New China's power industry implements the innovation driven strategy, takes "innovation, creation and entrepreneurship" as the fundamental approach, increases the intensity of scientific and technological innovation, takes power construction as the main battlefield, relies on national major projects and major scientific and technological demonstration projects, starts from the reform of system and mechanism, learns from the world's advanced technology and development experience, carries out research and development of core technologies and major equipment, and vigorously promotes original innovation Integrated innovation and introduction, digestion, absorption and re innovation have actively promoted the transformation of scientific research achievements and engineering applications, and a large number of outstanding innovation achievements have been achieved, making the level of equipment, planning, design, construction, operation and management of the power industry rank among the world's power countries. It is at the world leading level in clean energy power generation, long-distance, large capacity transmission technology, flexible DC transmission technology, etc., and has achieved great economic and social benefits, providing solid technical support and strong technical guarantee for promoting the adjustment of power structure and the high-quality development of power industry.


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