Magnetic reed switch (sensor) CS1-F

Short Description:

Magnetic reed switch (sensor) CS1-F means induction through a magnet. This "magnet" is a magnet, and there are several types of magnets available. Commonly used magnets in the market include rubber magnets, permanent magnet ferrite, sintered neodymium iron boron, etc. Used for counting, limiting, and so on (mainly used for the production of door magnets and window magnets), and also used in various communication devices. In practical applications, permanent magnets are usually used to control the connection or disconnection of these two metal plates, hence they are also known as "magnetrons".
Brand: YOYIK

Product Detail

Working principle

The Magnetic reed switch (sensor) CS1-F is similar to the Hall element, but its principle and properties are different. It is a type of switch element that uses magnetic field signals to control, without magnetic disconnection, and can be used to detect the status of circuits or mechanical movements. Another type of magnetic switch is the proximity switch, door magnetic switch, or induction switch in the market, which has a good opening mold and is a plastic shell of size, Seal the reed tube in a black shell and lead the wire out. Fix the other half of the plastic shell with a magnet on the other end. When the magnet approaches the switch with the wire, it sends a switch signal!

Technical parameter

Working voltage 5-240 (V)
Applicable range -20 ℃ to+75 ℃
Load power 10W
Output form 200mA
Sensing range 10mm
Delay closing time: 3 seconds

Characteristics of the product

1. The operating distance of Magnetic reed switch (sensor) CS1-F:

a. the operating distance of the electromagnet is 120mm;

b. the operating distance of the permanent magnet is 150mm.

2. Strong load capacity: It can directly carry 3A load and add intermediate relay for transition, and reliable and convenient.

3. Sensitivity, reaction speed: Response time less than 2.5ms.

4. Magnetic reed switch (sensor) CS1-F can operate in harsh environments

5. Reliable: As long as there is no strong magnetic field near the switch and it is installed according to the product technical manual, it can ensure that there is no misoperation of the switch 500000 times, with a reliability of 100.

6. The working characteristics of Magnetic reed switch (sensor) CS1-F: It is a non-contact switch operated by magnetic induction, fundamentally solving the problem of misoperation caused by contact.

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