Stator Cooling Water Pump YCZ50-250C

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YCZ50-250C Stator Cooling Water Pump is mainly used for the generator stator cooling system, and the stator winding cooling water is a closed cycle system. To ensure continuous and reliable operation of the generator, two single stage corrosion resistant centrifugal pumps with 100% rated capacity each are equipped to circulate water. Two pumps are equipped, one for working and the other for standby. When the working pump fails, the standby pump will automatically start. The pump is driven by a three-phase AC motor and powered by different systems to improve reliability.
Brand: YOYIK

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Installation of Unit

1. As to the major dimension, connection, position of fixed bolt, specification of bolt and executing standard of flange please look up the List of Outward Dimension of Stator Cooling Water Pump YCZ50-250C.

2. The station of the pump should be situated at the place where it has good light should have convenient power supply and should be convenient for operation, installation and maintenance.

3. For the Stator Cooling Water Pump YCZ50-250C, the installation position and installation type without displacement and vibration should be selected; otherwise the operation life of the pump would be decreased.

4. In order to protect the pump, before installation of pipeline, it is not allowed to dismantle the hole plugs on the pump flanges and the threaded holes to avoid falling in of sundries. During the period of installation the pump must be covered well.

5. After completion of work on the pump foundation and relative works for earth, the pump can be at the position to install only when the concrete has attained the effective age period.


1. During the period of running, inspect the stationary nature of running of the generator Stator Cooling Water Pump YCZ50-250C unit, observe whether there is the phenomenon of vibration or not and take notice of the abnormal running noise. Under the condition of not knowing the reason of producing noise and trouble it firstly has to stop immediately, find out the reason and eliminate it.

2. Often inspect the connecting condition of the coupler and auxiliary system during the period of operation.

3. Under the condition of that there is establishment of stand-by pump, in order to ensure that the stand-by pump can be put into operation immediately, trial running must be carried out periodically.

4. If the performance of the Stator Cooling Water Pump YCZ50-250C is descended not on account of the variation of the pipeline, system or the variation of resistance of the pipeline, the decreasing of performance of the pump is possibly caused by wear of the internal parts of the pump, therefore the pump must be examined and repaired and the worn out parts must be replaced.

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