Bimetal Thermometer Gauge WSS-411

Short Description:

WSS-411 Bimetal Thermometer Gauge is a field detection instrument used for measuring medium and low temperatures of steam turbine bearings, which can be used to directly measure the temperature of liquefied and gas. Compared with glass mercury thermometers, it has the advantages of being mercury free, easy to read, and durable. Its protective tube, joint, locking bolt, etc. are all made of 1Cr18Ni9Ti material. The case is made of aluminum plate stretch molding and has a black electrophoretic treatment on the cutting surface. The cover and case adopt a circular double-layer rubber ring screw sealing locking structure, so the overall waterproof and anti-corrosion performance of the instrument is good. The radial type instrument adopts a curved pipe structure, with a novel, lightweight, and unique appearance.
Brand: YOYIK

Product Detail

Working principle

WSS-411 Bimetal Thermometer Gauge is made by winding a bimetallic sheet into a spiral tube, with one end fixed and the other free end connected to a pointer needle. The volume changes of the two metals are different when the temperature changes, so they can bend. One end is fixed, and the other end is displaced as the temperature changes. The displacement is approximately linear with the temperature. When the bimetallic sheet senses a temperature change, the pointer can indicate the temperature on a circular scale.


1. The Bimetal Thermometer Gauge WSS-411 can be used with thermocouples or temperature transmitters.

2. Display temperature on site, intuitive and convenient;

3. Safe and reliable, long service life;

4. Various structural forms meet different requirements.

5. Suitable for long-term work in harsh environments.

6. Remote transmission of electrical signals has high accuracy and stable operation. It can also be directly output in the form of a two-wire system to improve the anti-interference ability of the signal during long-distance transmission.

Technical parameters

Nominal diameter of dial 100
Accuracy class (1.0), 1.5
Thermal response time ≤ 40S
Protection grade IP55
Installation type radial
Mounting fixture movable external thread
Angle adjustment error The angle adjustment error should not exceed 1.0% of its range

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