Intelligent Speed monitor HY-TACH

Short Description:

The Intelligent Speed monitor HY-TACH adopts a modular process of surface packaging, which has functions such as display, control, transmission, communication, and universal signal input. Suitable for displaying and controlling various physical quantity detection signals such as temperature, humidity, pressure, liquid level, instantaneous flow rate, speed, etc. It can perform high-precision linear correction on various nonlinear input signals.
Brand: YOYIK

Product Detail


The Intelligent Speed monitor HY-TACH adopts jumper free technology, which enables the input port to have universal signal input function. By changing internal parameters, it can easily switch between various input signals (various thermocouples, thermal resistors, remote pressure, and standard voltage/current signals). By optimizing design and continuously improving production processes, temperature drift has been reduced and anti-interference performance has been improved. Ensure the stability and reliability of the product's long-term operation.

The Intelligent Speed monitor HY-TACH adopts high brightness LED digital display and high-resolution light column display (proportional display), making the display of measurement/control values clearer and more intuitive. The output circuit adopts photoelectric isolation, with strong anti-interference ability. Equipped with a serial communication interface, it can communicate with various devices with serial interfaces in both directions, forming a network control system. The Intelligent Speed monitor HY-TACH has multiple standard sizes and can be applied to various measurement and control situations. The entire machine adopts a snap on structure, making installation very simple.

Main function

1. Intelligent Speed monitor HY-TACH equipped with speed measurement display function, ranging from -19999r/min to 45000r/min, with a 5-digit digital tube display.

2. Alarm function: When the measured forward rotation speed exceeds any alarm setting value, the corresponding alarm indicator light on the front panel will light up, and a switch signal will be output on the rear panel to protect the monitored equipment.

3. Equipped with a current output interface, it can be connected to devices such as computers.

4. The parameters can be set through the front panel buttons.


The Intelligent Speed monitor HY-TACH can expand its functions according to user needs; achieve accurate measurement and stable performance. The monitor has functions such as speed measurement, two-stage alarm, over speed protection, analog voltage and current output, sensor fault monitoring, alarm query, self-check, etc. It’s suitable for monitoring and protecting rotating machinery in power, textile, and petroleum, chemical and other units.

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