Application of 1000TD LVDT displacement position sensor on actuator

Application of 1000TD LVDT displacement position sensor on actuator

TD series actuator displacement sensor is a sensor used to measure the travel and position of hydraulic cylinder, oil cylinder, actuator and other hydraulic components. It usually adopts the non-contact measuring principle to measure the travel and position information through the change of magnetic field between the sensor and the magnet. The main function of actuator LVDT sensor is to monitor and feedback the travel and position information of hydraulic cylinder or actuator in real time, so as to control the movement and position of mechanical equipment.

Basic principle of TD series actuator LVDT sensor

There are generally two measuring principles of TD series actuator LVDT sensor, one is magnetic field measurement principle based on Hall effect, and the other is magnetic field measurement principle based on magnetoresistance effect. The sensor based on Hall effect has simple structure and fast response speed, but its accuracy is relatively low; The sensor based on magnetoresistance effect has higher accuracy and stability, but its structure is complex and its price is high.
TD series actuator position sensor is usually composed of sensor body, support seat, connecting rod, connector, etc. Its installation mode and specific structural form vary according to application and measurement requirements. When using the actuator travel sensor, it is necessary to keep the sensor dry, clean and free from impact, vibration and other interference factors to ensure its stable and reliable operation.

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Use of 1000TD actuator pisition sensor

The 1000 TD lvdt sensor of actuator can detect the travel of steam turbine actuator, measure the travel of piston and convert it into electrical signal output, so as to monitor the piston position. There are about four steps in its specific detection process.
The specific detection process is as follows:
1. Install the 1000TD actuator displacement sensor: first, install the actuator lvdt sensor at a suitable position, usually on the piston rod above the piston. Before installation, pay attention to the installation direction of the sensor and the contact way with the piston rod to ensure that the sensor can accurately measure the movement of the piston.
2. Connect the sensor: connect the sensor cable to the monitoring system to ensure that the sensor can output electrical signals normally.
3. Calibrate sensor: the 1000TD actuator lvdt sensor with analog signal output needs to be calibrated. The calibration method is generally automatic or manual calibration through equipment or instruments.
4. Measurement: start the turbine or actuator and operate it to make the piston move. At this time, the 1000TD actuator displacement sensor will sense the movement of the piston and output the corresponding electrical signal. The monitoring system will receive these signals and convert them to display or record the piston position for subsequent analysis.
In addition, the installation and use of the TD series actuator pisition sensor shall comply with relevant specifications and standards, such as the national standards GB/T14622 Technical Conditions for LVDT Sensors and GB/T14623 Inspection Methods for Travel Sensors. The installation position and method shall also be adjusted and optimized according to the specific situation. At the same time, we should pay attention to the environmental temperature, humidity, electromagnetic interference and other factors of the sensor to ensure the stability and accuracy of the sensor.

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Application advantages of actuator pisition sensor

LVDT (Linear Variable Differential Transformer) displacement sensor is involved in various fields, which is inseparable from its strong application advantages.
The accuracy of LVDT displacement sensor can reach 0.01% or higher, with high linearity and stability; The measuring range of LVDT displacement sensor can usually reach several millimeters to several centimeters, or even more; LVDT displacement sensor is a non-contact sensor, which will not wear or damage the object to be measured, and is suitable for applications requiring measurement; LVDT displacement sensor does not need power supply, but only needs an external converter to convert the electrical signal of the sensor into standard electrical signal output; LVDT displacement sensors are usually made of high-quality materials and can withstand high temperature, high pressure, corrosion and other harsh working environments, so they are widely used in industrial and military fields; LVDT displacement sensors usually have small size and volume, and are easy to install and integrate into existing systems.

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The application advantages of the TD series lvdt sensor make its application in the actuator fully developed. Its powerful functions and diverse classification also make the displacement sensor have a wide range of applications.

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