Steam turbine servo valve PSSV-890-DF0056A

Short Description:

The servo valve PSSV-890-DF0056A is mainly used for automation control in control systems. In addition to being used in the power plant industry, it is also widely used in other hydraulic control systems, such as machine tools, injection molding machines, metallurgical equipment, aerospace equipment, automobiles, ships, petroleum, chemical engineering, water conservancy, mining, and other fields. In addition, the servo valve PSSV-890-DF0056A can also be used for adjusting and controlling parameters such as flow, pressure, liquid level, and temperature in industrial automation control systems, as well as precise control and motion control in fields such as robots, stages, and display equipment.

Product Detail

PSSV-890-DF0056A servo valve is an electromechanical converter that can conduct forward and reverse currents. The pilot part can be a nozzle baffle valve, nozzle valve, deflection injection element valve, and slide valve. The pressure is always maintained at both ends of the power valve. Output four ports: P, A, B, and T. Be sure to install a precision oil filter at the oil inlet of the servo valve. Servo valves are usually installed near or above the servo cylinder. The servo valve has high working frequency, high sensitivity, and good control accuracy. The valve receives output instructions from the servo amplifier, controls the movement of the internal slide valve, changes the size of the oil port, and controls the unit to adjust the valve opening, timely and quickly adjusting the unit load to meet the needs of external users' electricity load changes. Therefore, under normal working conditions, if the servo valve operates frequently, it is more important to do a good job in daily protection work.

Working principle

1. The electro-hydraulic servo valve PSSV-890-DF0056A outputs modulated flow and pressure after receiving an electrical analog signal.

2. It is not only an electro-hydraulic conversion component, but also a power amplifier component. It can convert small and weak electrical input signals into high-power hydraulic energy (flow and pressure) output.

3. In an electro-hydraulic servo system, it connects the electrical and hydraulic parts to achieve the conversion of electro-hydraulic signals and hydraulic amplification.

4. The electro-hydraulic servo valve PSSV-890-DF0056A is the core of the control of the electro-hydraulic servo system.

Technical parameters

Working pressure 14.5MPA-30Mpa
Sealing material perfluorocarbon rubber sealing ring
Medium used fire-resistant oil
Oil temperature range -29 ℃~135 ℃
Environmental temperature -29 ℃~135 ℃
Vibration resistance 30g, 3axis, 10Hz-2kHz
Sealing material fluororubber

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