Linear variable displacement transducer LVDT sensor 7000TD

Short Description:

The Linear variable displacement transducer LVDT sensor 7000TD is installed at the position of the measuring object and connected to it. When an object undergoes displacement, the sensor also undergoes displacement, generating corresponding electrical signal output for measuring and monitoring the displacement changes of the object.
Brand: YOYIK

Product Detail

Operational principle

The LVDT sensor 7000TD adopts the principle of LVDT (Linear Variable Differential Transformer), which means that there is a fixed coil and two moving coils inside the sensor. When the measuring object undergoes displacement, the moving coil will also shift accordingly, thereby changing the internal induced magnetic field and generating an output voltage signal, which can measure the displacement change of the object. At the same time, the bracket and installation method of the LVDT sensor 7000TD can also affect the accuracy of measurement, and needs to be selected and adjusted according to specific measurement requirements.


The sensor 7000TD is a linear variable displacement sensor, which is used worldwide to measure and monitor the assembly process, valve position, Electric resistance welding travel, oil and drilling equipment, mining equipment and other fields. When measuring displacement, it is required that the displacement sensor must obtain accurate readings. With the 7000TD sensor, you can measure displacement as small as a few millionths of an inch.

Product advantages

1. Durable performance

Due to its unique design, there is no physical contact between the sensing elements, and the LVDT sensor 7000TD has no wear.

2. Friction free operation

The LVDT sensor 7000TD is an ideal choice for material testing or high-resolution dimensional measurement systems.

3. Good durability

The LVDT sensor 7000TD uses high-quality raw materials, excellent design and processing, and can withstand various harsh environments.

4. Quick response to changes

The iron core position of the LVDT sensor 7000TD can respond and adjust quickly.

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