What is the Features of Active Speed Sensor CS-3-L200?

What is the Features of Active Speed Sensor CS-3-L200?

The rotation speed sensor CS-3-L200 is an active speed sensor with an electronic circuit inside, which can amplify and process the detected reluctance change signal and output a more stable and accurate signal. It has better signal-noise ratio and higher sensitivity, and is applicable to occasions with high requirements for rotating speed measurement accuracy.

Rotation Speed Sensor probe CS-3-L200

Anti-interference is considered in the design of active speed sensor CS-3-L200, which means that it can resist external electromagnetic interference (EMI), such as radio frequency interference and electrostatic discharge, so as to ensure stable operation in complex industrial environment.

Rotation Speed Sensor probe CS-3-L200

In terms of signal output, the speed sensor CS-3-L200 can provide analog voltage output and can be directly connected to the control system or display instrument for easy reading and processing.


In application, the rotation speed sensor CS-3-L200 can be used in industrial control, robot, precision instrument and other fields requiring high accuracy due to its high accuracy and stability.

Rotation Speed Sensor CS-3-L200

In addition, the casting and sealing design of the speed sensor CS-3-L200 enables it to work normally in severe environments such as smoke, oil gas and water vapor, making it very suitable for industrial applications with strict environmental requirements.


It can be seen that the speed sensor CS-3-L200 has better performance than the passive sensor and is suitable for more stringent measurement and control situations.

There are different types of rotating speed sensor used for different steam turbine units. Check if it has the sensor you need, or contact us for more details.
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