SHV4 EH oil system needle globe valve

short description:

SHV4 EH oil system needle globe valve can accurately adjust and cut off the fluid, and plays the role of opening or cutting off the pipeline in the oil supply system of the power plant. Closing the stop valve can block the oil circuit of the system, and some hydraulic spare parts in the equipment can be repaired or replaced online. It’s suitable for high pressure and high temperature pipelines in thermal power plants as an opening and closing mechanism, can control the full opening and full closing of the oil circuit, and can also throttle by adjusting the opening of the poppet valve.

SHV4 EH oil system needle globe valve is small and light, which is used to open or cut off pipeline passage in fire resistant oil system of power plant.

Product Detail

Working Principle

The high pressure oil supplied to the actuator flows to the servo valve through SHV4 to operate the actuator. When the needle valve is closed, the high-pressure oil circuit is cut off, so that the actuator stops when the steam turbine is running, so as to replace the filter screen and servo valve.


It consists of valve stem, body, valve seat, gasket, sealing ring, cone core, cap, etc.
The valve body material is forged from high-quality carbon steel stainless steel (1Cr18Ni9Ti) or heat-resistant alloy steel (12CrMoV).


When installing needle valve shv4, pay attention that the direction of medium flow under actual working conditions shall be consistent with the direction of the arrow marked on the valve body, and the connection shall be firm and tight.

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