Stainless Steel Hydraulic Oil Filter 0850R020BN3HC

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The stainless steel hydraulic oil filter 0850R020BN3HC is installed in the oil circuit of the hydraulic system to remove metal powder and other mechanical impurities worn by various components in the hydraulic system, keeping the oil circuit clean and extending the service life of the hydraulic system; the low-pressure series filter element also has a bypass valve. When the filter element is not replaced in a timely manner, the bypass valve can automatically open to ensure the normal operation of the system.
Brand: YOYIK

Product Detail


Filter element pressure difference 30MPa
Working temperature -10~+100 ℃
Filtering accuracy 20 μ m
Working medium hydraulic oil, Phosphate ester hydraulic oil
Material stainless steel+fiberglass
Sealing material fluororubber

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Application of hydraulic oil filter 0850R020BN3HC

1. Thermal power and nuclear power: purification of lubricating systems, speed control systems, and bypass control systems for gas turbines and boilers, as well as purification of feed water pumps, fans, and dust removal systems.

2. Metallurgy: Used for filtering hydraulic systems of steel rolling mills and continuous casting machines, as well as filtering various lubrication equipment.

3. Petrochemical: Separation and recovery of products and intermediate products in refining and chemical production processes, as well as particle removal and filtration of oilfield injection water and natural gas.

4. Textile: Purification and uniform filtration of polyester melt during wire drawing process, protective filtration of air compressor, and oil and water removal of compressed gas.

5. Mechanical processing equipment: lubrication systems and compressed air purification for papermaking machinery, mining machinery, injection molding machines, and large precision machinery, as well as dust recovery and filtration for tobacco processing equipment and spraying equipment.

6. Railway internal combustion engines and generators: filtration of lubricating oil and engine oil.

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