Oil Filter Elements used in Steam Turbines Jacking Oil Pump

Oil Filter Elements used in Steam Turbines Jacking Oil Pump

The jacking oil system is an important part of the hydraulic system of a steam turbine. For large steam turbine generator units, such as those above 300MW capacity, the rotor weight is large, and continuous turning generally requires the addition of a large shaft jacking system to ensure stable rotation of the rotor.


The main components of the jacking oil device include: motor, high-pressure jacking oil pump, automatic backwash filter, duplex oil filter, pressure switch, overflow valve, one-way valve, throttle valve, and other components and accessories.


The jacking oil pump A10VS0100DR/31R-PPA12N00 is a variable displacement plunger pump that prevents damage to the turbine and reduces the turning power of the turbine. The oil source of the oil pump comes from the lubricating oil behind the oil cooler, which can effectively prevent the oil pump from sucking air. The lubricating oil flows through the jacking oil pump, increases pressure, enters the diverter, passes through the check valve and throttle valve, and finally enters the bearing. To ensure the normal operation of the system, the jacking oil pump needs to be equipped with two types of filter elements to control the cleanliness of the oil.

jacking oil pump suction filter DQ6803GA20H1.5C (5)

The first type is the jacking oil pump inlet filter element DQ6803GA20H1.5C, which is installed at the oil pump suction port to roughly filter the lubricating oil entering the oil pump, effectively preventing impurities and particles from entering the oil pump, protecting the oil pump and lubrication system from pollution and damage, and extending its service life.


The second type is the jacking oil pump discharge filter element DQ8302GA10H3.5C, installed at the oil outlet of the oil pump, used to filter out oil impurities, solid particles, etc. generated during the operation of the oil pump, with higher accuracy to ensure the cleanliness of the fire-resistant oil.
jacking oil pump discharge filter DQ8302GAFH3.5C (2)
There are differential pressure indicators installed at the pump’s inlet and discharge port on the instrument panel of the jacking device, indicating the oil pressure, so that the staff can timely understand whether the filter screen is blocked. During on-site operation, it is convenient and concise, and the observation and recording of data are clear at a glance.
Differential pressure transmitter CS-III (4)
When the pressure switch indicates that the differential pressure of the filter has increased, it is generally due to the dirt and blockage of the inlet or outlet filter of the jacking oil pump. The following phenomena need to be noted:

Alarm for high differential pressure of the dual filter screen at the inlet of the jacking oil pump.

High differential pressure alarm on the outlet filter screen of the jacking oil pump.

The normal signal for the inlet pressure of the jacking oil pump disappears.

The pressure of the jacking oil main pipe decreases.

The current of the jacking oil pump fluctuates during operation.



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